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Nick Valentino:
Author of Thomas Riley
P.S. - I'm now a patched soldier in Nick's army. Buy a patch and if you run into him at a convention with the patch, he'll bump you up in rank!

Scott Caplan:
A legend in his field, he was giving a panel on how to make nerf guns awesome. I'm going to put up a non-narrated video (probably on my own channel) with more footage from his panel.
... If I can make the audio work.

The one with the orange curls at the end. I saw a few people walking around with her things

By Gaslight:
The vendor that tipped me off to this awesomeness

Phineus Sturgeon:
Had a clip, but it corrupted. D;
He does have some legendary leather in the works, though.

Music at the end:
The Clockwork Quartet:

I'll put up the raw clips and full interview with Nick Valentino on my other channel unless there's a request for it/them here. :)

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