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So what Steampunk Movies to you consider to be decent? Despite having some great moments "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" was an overall disappointment for most folks, but what other films have actually left you satisfied? Some favorites of mine are, "The First Men in the Moon" from the HG Well's novel, and "Steamboy." Next year will see "Larklight" which looks promising, but what are your thoughts?

Yours Faithfully, Aloysius

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Google Bioshock movie. That would be a steam-gasm waiting to happen : D !

EDIT: I would like to note that it is not just a great idea, but one they wanted to have out next year, but were forestalled by economic downturn.. damn Wall Street...
Bioshock is a little more Dieselpunk though. A little too new and in the gas powered era but, awesome none the less!

That depends on which Bioshock it is based around, Columbia is very steampunk and the general feel of the city is very victorian, where as Rapture would be the Dieselpunk city. Rapture is featured in 1, 2 and the DLC of infinite, while Columbia is in infinite as well as the DLC(briefly)

Bioshock takes place in 1953.

Steampunk's reign is throughout the Victorian Era which is 1837 - 1901 

Nice try though!

Steampunk is not classified by an era, specifically, it is more of an idea. Technology out of its time. Lazer guns in the Orient during colonialism, Time travelling Victorians, moving cities in a post-apocalyptic future, WMDs in the North American Civil war. All of these ideas are quite steampunk, and none are a perfect example, because there is no perfect example.

It would appear that what you're doing is discussing the most commonly chosen aesthetic of steampunk, at which point yes, the aesthetics in Bioshock are more Dieselpunk, and the base premise is very biopunk, but the clincher is the setting. An underwater city. That is a steampunk idea that could have come from Jules Verne himself. But the big daddies and steam powered turrets help, too.

Good day sir!

Stardust was wonderful. A mix of Steampunk and Fantasy, with a parallel fantasy world along side a small town in Victorian England. It's a really great story and the costumes so drool-worthy. It makes me want to be a sky-pirate too.
I agree. Robert DeNiro as a cross-dressing pirate in an airship that harvests lightning in its nets. That is SO steampunk!

If you refer to the immediately aforementioned film, it is STARDUST with Claire Danes among others.  Fun movie.

:-D I know!  That part was hilarious. 

I second this thought!

Hear, hear

I LOVE that movie! The costumes were fabulous. Whoever imagined the plots and settings is a genius.


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