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Dear Steampunk Empire folkies, I am planning on making a Christmas Cheer video of my singing of a wonderful Christmas carol/song. 


I think it would be best to sing a song that you all deem worthy being sung (don't worry, I can sing, I am well rehearsed in the arts of carol singing and can carry a fair tune if I so wish it). 

So to all my Steampunkery fellows, tell of me a grand carol that is of a Steampunky sort but still brings Christmas cheer to all the hearts this year~

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' Anarchy in the U.K.' - always puts a smile on my face !

*sings* On the first day of Christmas my truelove gave to me...a Tesla coil lighting up my tree!  On the second day of Christmas my truelove gave to me, one pair of goggles and a Tesla coil lighting up my tree.  On the third day of Christmas my truelove gave to me, two soiled gloves, one pair of goggles, and a Tesla coil lighting up my tree. On the fourth day of Christmas my truelove gave to me five... !?!

... and on the sixth day he rested !

To be sung to "The Christmas Song" (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire)

Eldritch Gloam

Awaiting Solstice with an open heart
Knowing familly waits below
Flying home I am sure to do my part
To help this season come aglow

Everybody knows 
I'll be there with my greatest cheer
Though I've been gone these many days
We're apart but I've always been so near
Dear love, I've counted all the ways

I know my airship's far away
I have wondered bout you day to day
I've only thought of you, I'm pleased to say
I'm still so far from the safety of our bay

And so I'm offering this hopeful rhyme,
Since we've been so long apart 
Through the love and through all the time
Happy Solstice, my heart.

That is very heartwarming La Gloam!  And here I was singing these lines like a naughty girl *Jaackfrooost roasting on an open fiiiire, chestnuts nippinnng at yoouur nossse...* You put me to shame! :)

I'm pleased you like it.  I'd like to make minor changes to improve the meter along with reworking the repetitious use of the word "I".


The only thing missing is exploding boilers, pirates and zombies.  8^)



Lol! :D

Oh! Brilliant Madame Rooney, just the thing! :D


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