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In Preparation For Summer: A Ladies Practical Temperature Regulation Guide to Fashion

It's January, and that means preparing clothing ready for the warmer weather. Although coming from a British person, it's rather optimistic, but all the same! Being prepared is keyssential.

Now we all know the bane of Victorian clothing, "SUFFER TO BE BEAUTIFUL" being the fashion culture's motto.

The main suffering was lots of layered heavy clothing to make you nice a cosy. Sorry for the blokes, since they couldn't exactly walk to work in just their trousers, boots and shirt (without a cravat of all things!)  But the ladies could at least wear lighter colours, lighter materials and shorter (torso length-wise) jackets. 

So my darlings, I beseech thee to post your hints, tips and ideas on Summer wear for ladies (and gents!). 

I'm thinking muslin or organdie. 

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My advise is to remember that there is more to our steampunk world than just traditional victiorian clothing. That being said, I realize it may be your particular aesthetic. You may wish to try out others, JUST to keep yourself cooler during warmer weather? Try an asian inspired steampunk outfit, or look daring in a more piratesque look; become an adventurer, travel under the oceans in a submarine, or see the world through the eyes of a survivor from a post-apocalyptic future. Steampunk is not limited to the victorian era or clothing, anything is possible :)

Regretably, I am a more "mature" woman of more curvaceous build.  Moreover, my character is Royal and wears signature clothing.  Short dresses and puffly sleeves are wildly inappropriate for me in any circumstance.  However, come summer I think cotton, cotton and more cotton.  Beyond that there's hemp, silk, and if you can find it bamboo--which looks like silk but breathes better than cotton. 


But I reiterate:  Keep hydrated.  That is the single most vital thing you can do.

Cotton is the only way to go. Light colors reflect the light. Nothing too form fitting. Keep it loose and airy. Hats or parisols are a must.


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