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Before I start, no, this has nothing to do with the book Lolita.

Anyway, every style/genre has it's sub-genres.  Sometimes they're more pronounced than in others.  In the (originally Japanese) style called "lolita" there are a lot of these sub-genres, one of these being steampunk.  And some steampunk could be considered lolita.

So I was wondering, are there any steampunk (or not so steampunk) lolitas out there?  Or groups?

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I've seen a lot of outfits I would consider Lolita Steampunk but it depends on the look the person wearing it is going for in my opinion.

This has nothing to do with the topic but my one encounter with the Japanese Lolita phenomena was in my state capital Melbourne , Victoria , Australia , many miles from that country .

I rounded a street corner and was confronted by a group of laughing ' Lolitas ' in full rig  who had linked arms and were sweeping all before them . I stepped aside .

Later I discovered that it had become a trend for Japanese brides to pledge their troth in Melbourne ( of all the cold and  wind-swept places ) and the young women must have been part of a bridal party .

Most amusing if you could move fast enough to get out of the way !.


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