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Some of the lovelies in the network chat and I were considering opening a steampunk themed restaurant/cafe. Well here are some issues and we'd love help on this as well.

1. Where do we put it?
2. What do we name it?
3. What kinds of foods would you like in such a restaurant?

We'd love to hear your opinions.


Eden Burnes (airship mechanic)
Suzy Q - The Scarlett Seamstress
sir Danny (sub engineer)
sgt. ian macbruiche

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Katie Hooper
Katie Hooper is a restored four-story 1948 river towboat that has restaurant and banquet facilities. On weekends, you can come by land or by water for lunch, dinner, or music.

This is an ideal spot for a unique, fun wedding reception in the Summer.  To see more photos of the Katie's wedding and banquet facilities, please click here

She has been long retired from service on the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. Now, she hosts a restaurant on the main deck, and a pizza and beer garden on the second and third decks. A favorite spot for banquets, rehearsal dinner parties, and even a spot for fun weddings, Katie may be rented for private parties if arrangements are made in advance. Otherwise, stop by for dinner, a snack, or a beverage during the summer. Weekends often feature live music outside on the top deck.

Come by land or come by sea. The Katie Hooper has parking for cars on shore and hundreds of feet of dockage for boats that arrive by water.
The Katie Hooper used to be a working towboat, known as the Esso Louisiana. The picture below was provided via courtesy of John Miller. He also was kind enough to also provide some interesting history. John is a wealth of information about towboat history and told us that "...the Esso Louisiana was built by Dravo Corporation, Neville Island, PA., in I believe it was 1948... [She] had a sister built as well, the Esso Tennessee. They are 166'-9 3\4 ft long and 36 ft wide and drafted 7' 6". They were rated at around 2200 horsepower and were built for Esso Standard Oil to replace their steam fleet, which comprised of the Sprague, Amos K. Gordon, Corona, & Jack Rathbone. They are called (Towboats). Tug is a nasty word by those of who used to work, or had worked, on them."

For more information, please click on the links provided above or to the left. Or, you may contact us via email, U.S. mail, or telephone:

  • Email the Hiddencove Marina.
  • Call the Hiddencove Marina for slip or other information at 815-357-6869.
  • Write or mail your slip deposit to the Hiddencove Marina at:

    Hiddencove Marina of the Seneca Yacht Club
    219 River Drive
    Post Office Box 28
    Seneca, IL 61360

The Paddlewheel Restaurant in The Bay downtown is being “reinvigorated” out of existence after over 50 years. (Winnipeg?)


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