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I am entertaining the notion about what we Steampunks might do in the event that an EMP pulse takes out all technology worldwide.  Rather than an end of the world scenario.  If the Steampunks were to rebuild, exactly what might everyone do to make that happen?  What creations might you bring to the fore and what might you ressurrect?  For me, firstly, I see gas lamps in the future to light our way.  What would you bring about or create?  What sort of society might you envision yourself living in?

Keep in mind that I am looking for real world solutions please.  Thanks all!  :-)

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Sigh, I do adore lamb......and mutton....okay, food.  I like food.  There, I said it and I'm glad.

the fifth one from the left is actually Warren G. Harding......

This is awesome! Perfect example... kudos and applause.

As a quick note, one of the simplest expedient steam or compressed air engines can be had by simply replacing the spark plug of a two stroke motor with a "bash valve" consisting of a drive pin that will be hit by the piston and a check valve.  Ugly, but it works.

3/11/15 strong solar flare reported:  This one seems to have just caused HF interruptions. 

We should see some good northern lights Friday the 13th: 

I wish I could be there to see them.  It's been four decades since I lived in Alaska.  I can't see them from Northern California.

      My favorite place to keep up with the sun's activities, as well as other space based phenomenon that affects the earth is:

All right, we're going for this.  Grindlbone is going to try to create our own Steampunk village and educational center.

Grindlebone Village Project

I'm going to set up a discussion forum here on Steampunk Empire for us as well.

HA!  Another project.

Very good, Doctor Grindlebone.  I just read the blog and I am very much looking forward to future updates on Grindlebone Village.  Awesome project, sir!  :-)


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