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Welcome, to this unconventional means of spreading the Gospel. I say unconventional by way of taking your character to a whole new level of development. A vehicle to flesh out your character's needs and duties, imperfections, folly and the strong sense of adventure. Thusly, the important focus of this group, a Christ centered way of living in an uncertain world.

Using such plot devices provided by your host, The Imagineer(s), we will take you to a place were your character will figure out their true nature, even to the point of coming to some critical choices that will affect the world. No single individual did so ever give his life as Christ and doing so we are to reflect his nature and set good examples for others to see Christ in us.

All are welcome to filter their character and use this universe as a means to contemplate their reality into a unique field. Let your imagination soar because this is where Legends are made. Take flight now with the Captains of the sky, where they take their jobs rather seriously. Perils will await and even the super villains will come to play in this ROLE-PLAYING living story.

Our journey begins on Terra (earth) as it has never been seen before. In the year 1889, things were as common as any day we breathe and walk, however. Something of a tragedy has struck the very fabric of time itself. A Fissure has opened allowing something even more impossible to occur, the Convergence. This is a phenomena were two time lines meet one another head on. Whether it be the future or past, the calendar and clock have just been rendered ineffective. It is now the Future-Past and where both twine, the portal to one another is just a footstep away. Alas, the onset of such a phenomena has also brought a rather vile race, a human race that has become depraved and bent on taken regardless of welfare from another. They are the seething Dread, coming with their dark technology and mammoth airships, even on a quest for the strange energy source known as Aetherium. Not the most clever of names but well justified considering its unlikely sources. Both below the earth and above such a substance has been newly discovered by scientist an with it they have found ways of using it, even weaponizing it into the most destructive forms imaginable.

Whilst the future has already succumb to such destruction lain wast by this device, the more powerful sects, occupied by the Dread have used such a weapon to control the colonies across Terra. The Fissure has allowed the two time lines, though not always compatible, to roughly bridge such gaps across the Convergence and dangerously so, bringing forth a unique set of gifted individuals. 

The Travelers are set on such a high degree of responsibility that even to a Traveler perishing at the age is a way of life. Such burdens are not mistakenly lain on these brave individuals as they bare a great responsibility. They are part of a greater plan known as the Calling.

Within their possession, the individuals carry a scroll with words of great import. These very words are from a long lost book said to contain a Living Word and has been named such among other names such as the Book of Truth, Light and even  the Chronicles of Life itself. Such a book has never been found in whole but strangely its words still live on in these scant parchments carried tightly on one's person. Where it be a phrase, a chapter or even a single word, these words are spoken daily amongst the believers.

Somehow individuals blessed with these scrolls find one another and join, forming an underground known as the Intercessory.

But the fact, and gravely so, remains is this, the Dread are also on the hunt for such a book. 

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Started by jenny jobe Mar 4. 0 Replies

I have decided to take another approach to this discussion, Role Play as you please. Your imagination is your best defense against a mundane existence. Wreak havoc on the timeline. Tear up the very…Continue

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Getting to Know You

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Tell us about yourself, your character's occupation and how you deal with everyday life in an uncertain world. Life can be hard, even in the strange realm of a Lightning Catcher. Granted we are but a…Continue

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In search for Jedediah Wells

Started by jenny jobe. Last reply by jenny jobe Feb 4. 1 Reply

As a Traveler, I have met something glorious individuals, some human and others not. In any case, I have been searching for an individual with of great curiosity. His name is Jedediah Wells. A man…Continue

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Game Scenario Participation: The Calling

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You awake, the storm settles and the rain begins to fall. It tastes a little acrid and feels somewhat gritty. As you get up, you see the decimation. A small town has been ravaged by a bombing leaving…Continue

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Comment by jenny jobe on December 29, 2014 at 5:17pm

Welcome everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I will begin the scenario for today.

Comment by jenny jobe on December 25, 2014 at 7:46pm

It seems this little part of the world is taking its time. Oh, well... it was worth a shot. Patients endures though. I have been working diligently on the book, however. All seems to be going well and with in reason. I'm about to meet a climax and hopefully finish the rough draft. 

Comment by jenny jobe on December 20, 2014 at 11:47pm

Actually there are three realms: the first being the origin point, 1889, the cusp of the industrial revolution and still set in the more traditional Victorian values. The second is what is referred to as the Convergence, whereas, when a person closes in on the Fissure, this is where the timeline becomes melded and basically becomes a period unto itself (a Transient development). Lastly, is the other side. One can imagine with the acceleration of technological breakthroughs, a rather different future. I never read it but it kind of reminds me of the premise of H. G. Wells the Shape of Things To Come. 

At some points in the story line the landscape is pastoral and 'normal' so to speak but when traveling near or even through the Converging point, the skies are tempestuous and the landscape is upturned by the scaring of Dread presence. The sky is always stormy, electric storms are common and even the slight change in human appearance, clothing is very indicative of a more Steampunk dress as we would view it through today's fashion.

The technology is another big factor in the three realms as they will soon share a similar bond. Steam is used in various components of such technology and is the catalyst for the discovery of other technologies based on natural elements of Terra. The most exotic is the Aetherium. It will be similar to plutonium and uranium only this element is not necessarily toxic only volatile. A hyperbaric bomb, or the equivalent of a nuclear bomb would exact such an element by use of the Dread.

Each realm will effect its own technology with the Convergence Realm sharing both steam and electricity, as with the Other Side, a more Dieselpunk appearance, at least that would make some logical turn as progressing of the technology chain. I would describe the other side as having the bad guys look in Dune. To make things even more interesting, think of the time line as a line, in the middle is the converging point before crossing over. Now think of an upper tier, the sky cities. These people actually move around in the clouds and even use the clouds as cover. So now you have a fourth realm that shares in each time line.

Character generation in the story is based on each realm: Victorian, Neo-Victorian, and the Dread (Harkonnen-like). The more complex the character, the better. A duality of good and bad will suite the story telling well. There needs to be an arch nemesis to make the good guy more dedicated to his mission. Your latter statement of the Intercessory vs. the Controller is fantastic and greatly parallels the movie Book of Eli, where the bad guy tries to do just that. That would be excellent.

The game is based on the characters. As you generate the character, the story details will remain the same but the encounters will be based upon your character's decision. It is an extremely flexible system with very little as far as a rigid mechanics. It is truly a living story.

I hope this answers your questions.

I will set the stage on a weekly basis, work schedule permitting and will describe a scenario as a parameter and field to work in. Here we go.

Comment by Rev. Justin L. Hunt on December 20, 2014 at 6:48pm

This could be interesting. But there are a few questions that I have before just diving in. First, are both worlds in this based (loosely) of the Victorian era? Or are they more or less hobbled together fantasy realms containing pieces from multiple times? I would view these realms as sort of like light and dark versions of the same world. One being more bright and rural, with open fields and small communities and using technology powered by steam and the like for the betterment of all. The other, much darker, polluted and comprised mostly of industrialized cities. They used technology for personal gain and war. I thought is would be fun to play as two characters, one good and the other bad. Perhaps maybe even have them be stark opposites, much like Superman and Bizzaro (sans super powers). I think Maybe a preacher of the Intercessory, who is trying to convince others to begin sharing the Living Word with outsiders. And the other a developer who wants to use the Word as a means of manipulating others to his will.

Comment by jenny jobe on December 18, 2014 at 6:29pm

Welcome Rev. Hunt, it is a pleasure.


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