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Welcome to Scribblers' Den, the online tavern where authors of the ~punk genres can meet to share concepts and philosophies of The Craft in the hope that these conversations will provide the fertile ground that will give rise to tomorrow's incredible ideas.  You needn't be a famous author, nor even a published one to be a member.  You need only be serious.  This group is not about exclusion nor limitations, in fact it has only one rule:  No personal attacks on a fellow member for expressing his or her own opinion.  Violation of that axiom will get you thrown out of here so fast it will leave you with whiplash, and this is the only warning that will be given.  So pull up a chair, order a round, and put your wares on the table.  This is the place where imaginations fly!

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Editing vs. writing first draft

Started by Albrecht von Saarbruchen. Last reply by Philip Allan Brian Drew 4 hours ago. 6 Replies

Currently I am editing my novella to get it ready for publication (after that it needs professional editing).  Although the editing is not unpleasant, there is a certain...state of being less satisfied than when writing a first draft of something…Continue

What are you reading ?

Started by Prof. Sebastian Fate. Last reply by Prof. Sebastian Fate 5 hours ago. 97 Replies

Writers are readers . What are you reading ?Continue


Started by Blimprider. Last reply by Blimprider 23 hours ago. 6 Replies

Looking for someone?  Here's where to reach them:          Adam J Whitlatch         …Continue

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Writing under the influence .

Started by Prof. Sebastian Fate. Last reply by Blimprider on Thursday. 22 Replies

Recent chit-chat suggests that many of our peers are familiar with the work of the master , P. G. Wodehouse .It occurred to me that everyone of us is also a reader .What were your influences ?Continue

And Then a Girl Walked Into the Room...

Started by Miss Hatchet Q. Luke, Automaton. Last reply by Blimprider on Wednesday. 1 Reply

Hullo Empirates! This is a contest in witch you must describe a girl that walked into a room. The first sentence must be "and then a girl walked into the room"The winner wont get anything because in BROKE! (sorry)My entry, "Automaton in the Pub"And…Continue

Scene Test, Shameless Plug, Your Call

Started by Blimprider. Last reply by Blimprider Mar 8. 6 Replies

   Your decision what this is.  It's from Chapter One of Slayer of Darkness, Book III of the Beyond the Rails series, which I'm hoping to publish around the end of the year.  These are the minor villains, a "complication" whose purpose is to keep…Continue

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Comment by Blimprider 7 hours ago

   Oh, good night!  My blog's address is, of course,  Amazing the difference that leaving out one little "L" makes!

Comment by Blimprider 7 hours ago

   Hi, Karen. I'm not sure "trials & tribs" is entirely accurate. I think my artist is trying to support herself with her craft, and she maybe took on more work than she could comfortably do, then when she got the flu, things became impossible for her. Meanwhile, I need to get this sequel out there before everyone forgets the first one.

   Hopefully, this will give her some extra time to catch up, and to work with her clients who are facing deadlines and so on. I'm a hobbyist; I don't get things done, I don't miss meals. Maybe six months or so down the road, you'll be seeing a second edition with some of her fabulous artwork on the cover. That's what I hope, anyway!

Comment by Karen J Carlisle 7 hours ago

I read about your trials and tribulations @blimprider. Ugh. Hope it gets sorted quickly.

Comment by Blimprider 8 hours ago

It's official, I'm out on Amazon.  Print is pricey, $9.10, but Kindle is only $2.99. Or you can try to win one on Goodreads. Where's my professional cover, you ask? Full explanation is on my blog at for anyone with an interest. The main point is, the wait is over, and not a minute too soon. Some of you have enjoyed the first book. I hope this measures up...

Comment by Blimprider 14 hours ago

   As most of you know, tomorrow I'll be posting Steve Moore's interview at  Accordingly, I have posted William Jackson's at my Goodreads page to give it another week at the top, and before I got the announcement posted, one of my friends there Liked it.  Come check it out at

Comment by Aurora Jane Marshall 17 hours ago

Hi, all. I've been lurking a bit lately. I'm trying to get really into my revisions for my current novel. It's told from multiple first person perspectives, and I've gone one problematic character that requires some rather drastic rewriting. So far I'm on chapter 6/23. I want to have this done by the end of the month!

Comment by Karen J Carlisle 17 hours ago

I am starting my self-publishing with an ebook of short stories. I know there are no big bucks in it; It is practice to attempt to wrangle the Amazon system. (and I am not happy with my novella edits yet, so it will keep a little longer).
The cover is done. I am currently doing one last round of edits on the three short stories before reformatting the stories. A book trailer is in the works. (I am having a ball with the arty stuff).

I hope to have some internal artwork, at least in the ebooks. Has anyone done this or found issues with doing it? (I hear there are issues putting internal artwork into the paperbacks).

I have decided not to go exclusive with Amazon, so they will be available on other formats epub etc. 

Thoughts on this?

One last question: try for the Amazon vetted short stories or just publish them direct to the site? (I believe I can do that)

This is my first self-publishing venture. No doubt I will be picking your collective brains with more questions soon. 

Thanks in advance.

Comment by Karen J Carlisle 18 hours ago

Any one else here used book trailers?

I am working on one (while letting rewrites and edits mull over in my head) Do you youtube it? blog it? What have you found most effective for the steampunk genre?

Comment by Karen J Carlisle 18 hours ago

@Mark Lingane. I hear you. We knew this day was coming but still, so young at 66. I met him twice. Had dinner with him once. Still can't believe it is real. The only consolation - he feared Alzheimer's more than death. He need not fear it any more. We can remember him through his many, witty books and imagine the twinkle in his eye as he wrote them. 

Vale. Sir Terry.

Comment by Karen J Carlisle 18 hours ago

Welcome @Chris Dean


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