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The Crossroads of the Aether

Just posted up an album for my airship fleet.  First three in the fleet are finished.

There is the Unicorn, a warship for defending the skies from the air pirates.

The Swan, a luxury cruise ship for the rich to fly in comfort.

And the Viking Raider, the choice for the air pirates.

The airships are designed to land on water to collect water to break down into hydrogen and oxygen.  The hydrogen is used to fill the gas bag and the hydrogen is burned with the oxygen for power. The ships can collect lightening with the nose probe for use in breaking down the water.  

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Awesome work! Do you need a Captain for your airships? I know just the right man. 

Thanks Josh.  I'll put you on the short list.

Excellent maneuvering there in your photo and if I may volunteer for your crew... I would make a grand navigator through the Aether. We imagineers seem to find our home quite peacefully there, synaptic lightning storms and flurries of high adventure. Do let me know...

Flying on one's individual accord can be a tricky business and being safely tucked in the protective hull of such grand airships would be rather epic.

Many thanks! Welcome aboard.  Your on the list.

I am currently working on a fishing vessel airship.  It is designed to hunt/fish fro air kraken.  Hope to finish it in the next few days.


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