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I have this clock someone did a very poor design on. I need feed back and suggestions on how to fix it up.

It's wobbly and uneven at bottom
The top part is peeling
the sides look like someone put hard work on one side and got lazy on the other.

The clock itself works just fine. I can post pics later if someone is willing to help out. Thanks in advance! 

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I know some things.... some.... it would help more with the photos

Ahhh thank you much for replying! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you I was busy this weekend. I will post pics up in a little while when my camera is all set up. 

Good evening,

Regarding the wobbly uneven bottom:

If the clock has a solid bottom base (vs. legs) an orbital sander should do a decent job of evening it out. This would also take care of the peeling top, which could then be re-stained or painted as appropriate.

Hope this helps some


if you do not have an orbital sander and need the bottom flat tape a piece of sand paper to something flat and hand sand the bottom/sides/top ect to refinish having the paper on something flat will help with keeping the sanding even and then it should sit flat when put on something. 


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