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I purchased this corset: with the intent of wearing it similarly to this:

Since having purchased it a few months ago, I've found a few posts here about corsets as outerwear being overdone in steampunk, or about how they were never a good idea in the first place (as they are properly a Victorian undergarment). Should I abandon the thought of using it as outerwear? I should have asked questions like this *before* purchasing it, but I didn't think of it. If you don't think it should be used for outerwear, can any of you think of an alternate use for it? I think the buckles on the front would make it too bulky to wear underneath clothing, but perhaps I'm wrong. In any case, thank you for reading this and for any advice offered!

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I really think it's all up to you. If you feel comfortable with it, do it!

(Aside: This topic has always reminded me of Jeff Foxworthy...
 "If you wear your corset on the OUTSIDE, then you just might be a Steampunk!")

Here Here, we cheer.

I agree it up to each persons likes

The only objection I could see,

would be if it were worn by a man

who was not a Trans V.

On any woman, any time, any place...

(Applauds & generally makes a fool of himself)

I don't want to seem like an officious j******, but in the 19th century, corsets were routinely worn by both men and women, as well as young girls and boys.

To the second part, my full support so long as she wishes to where it.

The first part reads a bit like some sort of triple reverse with a half pike version of a heterophobic blurb!

Let's keep the straight bashing to a minimum, shall we?


I enjoy wearing my corsets as outerwear just like you were planning. If I wanted to be historically accurate clearly this would not do. I prefer to think I'm being historically subversive, as if I'm referencing the past with my attire but reveling in the new materials, meaning and hemlines. I started wearing a variety of corsets this way when I was more goth and I don't see it as being out of place in steampunk.

The piece you purchased is clearly intended as outerwear since it has the nice decorative buckles and pattern. The colors of the one you chose are lovely and could form the center of a great outfit. With a shirt underneath and maybe a short jacket or shrug on top, I feel decorative corsets can fulfill a function similar to a brightly colored or particularly ornate waistcoat.

The question of whether or not the external corsets is a hand that's been overplayed is a matter of personal opinion and style.

Is not a major point of steampunk to repurpose things from the past? So why couldn't you, in an alternate timeline, choose this as a fashion trend? Which in fact has become the case has it not? So dress as you will, and if anyone looks down on you, they're just being a snob.

Thank you all for the helpful advice! It is quite appreciated. I will now continue to go on with my outfit as planned.

I think it is fabulous as outerwear! I am a bit biased. If you are concerned you can always bring a vest or tailored jacket and wear them when you feel like!

I think anyone who is spurning corsets on the basis that they should properly by used as a Victorian undergarment has probably forgotton that the Victorians didn't invent time travel and run about on airships all the time either.  Lovely corset, if you like it and it makes you feel good whyever not....?

Personally, can't see the point of having a corset if you're just going to hide it away - where's the fun in that?

Great point Miss Kaydance Heggarty! Cheers to you.


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