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Ladies & Gentlemen,

May I modestly propose a discussion thread in which we share links to various steampunk (and such) sites that we have discovered in our travels across the Aether Waves of what I hear is commonly referred to the "internet"?

Despite our growing numbers in the Steampunk Empire, these keywords in a Google search will bring up another delight, Sillof's customized action figures displaying the characters of that motion picture sensation "The Empire Strikes Back" re-imagined in steampunk fashion. But that's not all, Sillof have given several other super heroic icons the steampunk treatment and fashioned some very impressive toys. It is my belief that many of these steampunk revisions would make for excellent costumes, and perhaps some already have. So, if you have not already, investigate

and admire some of the fine craftsmanship that this workshop has created.

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I have discovered a brilliantly clever Steampunk comic based on the real historical figures of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace.


I hadn't seen this, looks great, will hope to enjoy

You always wanted to make your very own wooden clock? Thought so. Wonderful and imaginative plans and instructions for this endeavour are to be found here:

Even more wonders and inspirations for the passionate clock-lover (although not every piece is strictly steam-appropriate):
Altogether I can't recommend the whole website enthusiastically enough. Every single page there holds guideposts to other places of wonder and novelty. So I might only show you a starting point for your own explorations of the Aether:
Please be careful on your adventures - and don't get lost...

Those of you who aspire to create technological marvels with their own hands have surely already heard of Richard Nagy - for those of you who didn't I'd love to point out his workshop:

Nature meets art, biology embraces gears - strange specimens seem to have been found in places only the most adventurous ever dared to set food upon:

And for those of you who look for even stranger places to explore:

If you are weary now, Dear traveler, and just want to rest, then please be so kind as to direct your eyes here to enjoy the gruesome and enthralling story of a dangerous journey to unknown borders:

These are only some of the most outstanding places on my personal map of the Aethernet. I hope they might give you, Dear reader, some directions in the unexplored vastness out there. I thank you wholeheartedly for your patience with my elaboration and have ashamedly to apologise for my inadept use of the English language.
I remain respectfully yours


Interesting grouping of links, for some reason I particularly enjoyed the semi-clockwork beetles.

I absolutely love these! Plans for the Marble Strike Clock may just be next purchase, as today is pay day!

I am much surprised that this thread did not capture the imagination of many . . .
Vaunted Director,

I 'lost' this thread, and kept meaning to return to it, yet feel as if the links that have been offered or suggested by myself have been spread elsewhere. Still, there are some very interesting sites that have not been linked here that hopefully will not be found in another area.

One that is unique and worth a look, (and would be great to plan a trip to), is The Museum of Jurassic Technology:

I discovered this site through he reference of the Quay brothers (from their film liners). A further connected link, yet it warrants additional reflection here is The Mutter Museum, which is in The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, this link is the virtual tour:

Another collection of wonders, (and our esteemed director may have been here), is a link to the virtual tour of Sir John Soane's Museum in London:

Last but not least, for those researching writing or just for fun, some background on the Victorians:

Here's to the expansive world web of wonder,

Well, this may not count as "Steampunk" per se, but I find it incredibly funny.

By the by, the chap in the green is Sherlock Holmes.
Herr Director,

The figures were very inspiring. I have a particular penchant for heroic figures,and really enjoyed the way the creator adapted the Marvel avengers in particular. I have a former college friend who has been involved with the custom figures 'adaption' for awhile, I thought he would like this too. It would be fun to do our own League of Cincinnati Steampunk figures huh?
A friend's site...
Dedicated director and all,

In doing some research for another project, I came across this site, which may be familiar to some here, yet it was the first time to see these manipulated starry men. This was one of my favorites.

Here is the link to the site with other steamy stars: -star-trek.html

Live long and prosper,



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