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Dear readers

This gadget I created some days ago, after I found a very nice old and unknown clockwork.
After fixing the gears it runs again, so I had to create an unique stand to place this machine in my STEAMPUNK Saloon.
The wooden box is from Cuba and contained very good cigars, all the other parts I got from the junk yard.
Because glass always looks very nice in combination with brass and wood I places two old broken light bulbs on the top of the huge brass water valve covers.
The vintage clock face I used is from a BENTIMA clock from England.

Sincerely yours

Dan Aetherman  aka  The Chocolatist

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I find the differing clock hands visually interesting and like that, at the right time such as 3:45, they would resemble an arrow, suggesting "The Arrow of Time".  well done Mssr. Chocolatist

This is something unique which I had seen.Great work Dan Aetherman  aka  The Chocolatist. 

Dear Sirs,

Thank you very much for your comments and your interest.
I send you greetings from Switzerland

Dan Aetherman aka The Chocolatist


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