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I am in the process of building a Personal Vaporizer box mod and am wanting to try and get or make a switch that fits with the clockwork / SP style that I have gotten started with my first.

When I get the parts in the box will get the clock hands added which will be able to move to adjust the power output. 

This box is a one off personal build for myself but I am also going to build a few more following the same theme and format.

Any help with this project would be greatly appreciated.



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Are you looking for a momentary-contact switch, essentially a push button, or would a knife switch do? Amazon has a small SPST knife switch ( for less than $4 (the shipping costs more than the switch itself, which is only $1.49); the entry does not give the size of the switch itself, but the box it comes in is 1*1*2. If you need an actual momentary-contact switch, Amazon sells a variety of push buttons, but you might consider a microswitch that is operated mechanically by a more Victorian-looking switch mechanism.

Using the micro switch is definitely an option with these builds.  Finding the part to use as the actuator seems to be the problem right now.  I have seen a few builds doing something similar floating around but I can not seem to find that piece that falls into place for the aesthetic and feel for it.

I have thought about using a touch sensor for the builds as well since I could then use just about anything for the button.  

I was given the movement from a grandfather clock today at a local clock shop to pull apart and got some nice parts from it but nothing that jumps out as a switch.  Hopefully something will shine at me soon as I start building.

Thank you for the link to the blade switch.  I may use that for another project I have for the interior design of my living room.


      How about the head of an actual brass tack?  Something like:

They come in different styles and sizes, so you could pick whatever fits your need.

If I understand your question, I believe you are looking for aesthetics over everything else. I agree with Regnad. Adding something brass that actuates a switch would give the look of Steampunk and the actual switch could set off a one shot switch circuit that could be the trigger for a behind the scenes activation for anything you want. Good idea Regnad! I love the brass tacks!


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