The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

Most basic game in the world, but so damn fun.

Whoever is the last to post on this thread, wins.

As for me? I win.

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Wins what?
You win. You win at winning, so now I win! For I have posted last! Bahahaha!!
Have you, now.
This one can't possibly be the last....
Made to last !
Ha! I'm already an undead wombat AND I am before you , and the last poster...muahahahahaha!! pluss ai have a whole box of 7400 hex inverters,k and you are the wombat he eeh he... PffffT!
mmmm tao sin bahhhh waa shhenaaa dayum !!! ok i put a hex or spell on the next person who post after me they will slowly turn into a undead wombat . and only baldor the druid has the cure.
Sir , As the leading Wombat farmer ( fully organic , natures bulldozers ) of the Southern Antipodeas the Professor assures Sky Captain Gannon that anything he intends to do to one of them will be met with the full force of the industry !
The spell sounds a lot like gibberish to me...

Also, I win.
I see you are beginning to understand now.

I win.

right before the edge of the cliff ...


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