The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

As steampunks from all over the colonies of the new world and the motherlands of the old world gather on this fabulous crossroads of the Aether, we invite you to share a little about your steampunk self and tell us about your airship, meetup, local steampunk scene, or whatever.

On the waves of the Aether I am known as Aloysius, a dandy who is a little more of the steam and a little less of the punk, heralding from the Queen City (aka Cincinnati, Ohio) although originally I was born and bred in the heart of the British Empire before migrating to the colonies toward the end of the last century. I am a founding member of the League of Cincinnati Steampunks, a band of anachronistic anarchists who meet every couple of weeks to share tales of adventure and find new ones. I have been a steampunk for longer than I realized; I knew the literary genre back in the 90s, wore Victorian and Edwardian fashions, liked goggles, airships, and brass gizmos, but did not piece it all together until these last couple of years . . . and it's been steamy fun ever since!

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Hi! I'm Dizzy lead singer and field investigator for the Deadly NIghtshade Botanical Society. I've spent my whole life a little bit steampunk (found out it had a name a few years ago) a little rock and roll. I love Sherlock Holmes, Mysteries, Lost worlds, and taking the best part of the victorian era and smashing into the best part of today. I'm also a bellydancer, and a fashion designer.
Come on ladies an' gents! Don't be shy. Tell us a lit'le 'bout yourself.
Actually I feel like I am turning into the "Tom" of this site, so I think I'll take a break from being the "Walmart greeter" of the Empire. I am very glad that you found us here . . . viva l'empire!
Whoops, I thought I made an introduction here!

My name's Sair, and I'm a civil engineer from Cincinnati with a fondness for tinkering, crafting, and dissembling things in the hope I don't lose too many of the pieces. To be honest, and possibly to out myself, I'm more of a wild west style steampunk, and I have been a fan of that kind of fiction for as long as I can remember. I've only been aware of the scene for a couple years though, and I've only been a participant recently.
I've long been a fan of the Steampunk genre although for many years I did not know it had a name.
About 1 1/2 years ago an aquantance of mine got 'dolled up' and took a self portrait which she titled "Alter ego". This got me to thinking what (who?) my alter ego would be. It was not long after that my Steampunk persona "Professor Angelus Potuissimus Fumolatro" was born. He is described thus:
Professor Angelus Potissimus Fumolatro:
Inventor, Explorer, Culinarian.
By way of employment, a professor of Engineering, though he considers himself a student of all sciences. Life, he has been heard to say, is a constant process of inquiry and discovery. There are precious few disciplines with which he will not occupy his time save medicine and the so-called heavenly sciences. The ministration of medicaments he leaves to his wife, Dr. Velocity Jones Fumolatro; and the study of the heavens is best left to those of no ambition and less sense. Long hours spent staring into telescopic lenses hunting for the Luminiferous Ether shall never benefit man. What value is there in studying that final frontier into which humans shall never tread? Metalurgy, mechanics, mineralogy, fluidics, botany, geology, locomotion, and even the culinary arts are all matters with which he occupies himself. Argument and superstition must give way to the proof of science for only that which can be proven can be true. He believes that only through the study and application of the lessons of the sciences will the world find the path to truth and enlightenment. So strong is his belief that he has made this his personal motto:
“Hoc nomen meum verum non est.” (Without proof there is no truth.)

In real life I, much like the Professor, enjoy tinkering, building, exploring and cooking.
Ah, what a lovely grouping of people, from all walks of this world… and others it would seem. I am the Lady Grace Hawthorne, some of you may have heard of me, though many likely have not. Allow me to rectify this.

It is only recently that I have begun to walk amongst the mortals again, as I have been in Asgard (Godheim for you of Christian descent) where I’ve been living for… oh stars, time runs differently here than it does back home. I’m not certain exactly how long I’ve been out of the world of men, but I’m back, for whatever reason the Aesir (that’s the Nordic pantheon for those of you not familiar with them) have chosen. I suppose you could call me a ‘scion’ or a… representative of sorts. (The Aesir, by the way, have a very strong affinity for a particular band, The Extraordinary Contraptions. Check them out if you have not all ready.)

I run alone for the most part, though I do have a very dear friend in Miss Dryope Palamara, and an… agreement with Captain Dreorig Thorngauge.

I ask your forgiveness for any faux pas I may make as I am still acquainting myself with the rules of this world, and constantly being reminded that a rage is not always necessary. It’s so different when you’re dealing with gods and valkyries. So very different.

If there is one thing I adore about being here, it’s the parties, the social gatherings, the adventure above all. You would think I’d have had enough of it by this point… but the Aesir don’t do nearly as much as you would think within the halls of their own home. From time to time, yes… but nothing like this wild ride you folks around here call life.

Ah, one more thing... I'm never afraid to get a little dirty if it comes down to it. And I never. Never, back down from a battle.... perhaps I spent too much time with the Aesir, warrior gods that they are.

So, who is cuter, Loki, or Thor?

thor is cute but its a tough battle between chris hemsworth and tom hiddleston

I suppose it is about time that I introduced myself. I am Dryope, a naiad from the area of Mysia. Currently I am chef and magician aboard the ship The Persephone, a hybrid submersible and dirigible. Contrary to what you may have heard, we are not pirates but a circus. Also, my reputation for drowning pretty men is entirely unwarranted. Entirely! It isn't my fault they follow me to my underwater grotto without any means to breathe! And if Lady Hawthorne tells you otherwise don't you believe her, she is trying to get me back for revealing her current consorts demonic nature. (He is so a demon, Grace!! Just look at those fangs! Don't go berserker on me! You know it is true!)

Still, that little rumor of hers aside, Lady Hawthorne is perhaps my closest friend. It is so difficult to relate to mortals, sometimes, so it is splendid to have another of similar longevity to converse with. However, I do enjoy the company of the lads and ladies of The Hinderscipe, they know how to have a good time and are willing to dance with me to the lovely tunes of The Extraordinary Contraptions. If you are ever at one of their concerts do come and dance! ^_^ And of course I am fond of Capt. Resthal and Cita and the crew of The SS Icarus -- better known as The Penny Dreadfuls. In fact, the Dreadfuls are the first actual crew I met and they were quite kind and helpful for ruffians, so I am specially fond of them.

When I do attend events, usually I do not say very much. I am still not entirely sure how to act around mortals, since my interactions with them in the past have generally lead to their very quick demise. (Shush, Grace, I can see that look you are giving me. It wasn't on purpose. Usually. ) I do love to dance, though! Dancing takes me back to the wild revelries thrown by the Satyrs and the Centaurs. Now they knew how to party! Not quite as crazy as the Maenads, though, they were scary. And they would insist on tearing up all the men before they'd get to the river.

But enough of that, the rest of the denizens of the Empire must introduce themselves!

-sits and waits patiently-
I love that you're a circus!
I am not a circus. I have a circus. There is a difference.
Greetings, to you all!

I am Doctor Darien James Mason, originally from Baltimore. I hold a license in Avatar Medicine from Miskatonic University. I until recently ran Caledon Regency Hospital in the Independent State of Caledon and was Director of Mason Labs (formerly the Bloodwing Foundation) in Steelhead Port Harbor, both in the virtual realm of Second Life. I was also founder of the High Tea & High Adventure Society, also based in SL's Steamlands.

I (and my neko son and large family of sentient constructs) have departed the Steamlands aboard the aethership Gygax II, waiting for portals to the worlds of Gatheryn and Blue Mars to open up so we may continue our adventures!


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