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OSCAR Fingal O'Flahertie Wills WILDE was born on this day in 1854 .

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I Professor will also celebrate on this day !

I dreamed of him last night , I saw his face

All radiant and unshadowed of distress ,

And as of old , in music measureless .

I heard his golden voice and marked him trace

Under the common thing the hidden grace ,

And conjure wonder out of emptiness ,

Till mean things put on beauty like a dress

And all the world was an enchanted place .

Lord Alfred Douglas ,    ' The Dead Poet '

“Man is least himself…” Oscar Wilde describes the Internet perfectly.

Dear Professor Fate, I found this and had to share it with you- What a great chap, a true realist !!!!!!    Your Obedient Servant Wolfgang Metzger-   Stay Dandy my friend !

Good taste is the excuse I've always given for leading such a bad life .

Oscar Wilde , ' The Importance of Being Earnest '


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