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Just in case you could not think of anything to buy after winning the lottery.  She has a beautiful interior with even more potential. 

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I want it .

Will they accept Confederate money ?

The Celebration Belle in the first link is apparently still for sale:  but still operating this season: 

On an Erie Canalway cycling trip a few years back, I saw some very nice canal boats. Much more my style and, at least, less expensive ($30k-$80k) than the full size riverboat (listing at $4.2 million). Still out of my price range but closer.

By a strange coincidence, I saw another article about a riverboat for sale just this morning. Opening bids are just $50000, although the final price is expected to be much higher.


Riverboat Auction - Baltimore

It seems to be raining riverboats for sale.  Even this one would be large enough for a significant SP Con/Cruise. 

I do not remember giving paddlewheelers much thought before SP and visiting some.  Now I am really impressed with what an eloquent way they were to travel even to remote parts of the world in the 19th century. 

I see visions of Maverick seated at the table playing cards. A wonderful find for the right person with a vision and lots of cash.

This would make a truly wonderful experience if someone were to put a small SP con on board and take the whole con on a trip down (and back up) memory lane of what never was.... In fact what a name to give such a beautiful river boat... What Never Was.

Someone did organize a steamboat event earlier this summer:  Unfortunately it was rather far away from me. 

After the SP Cruise some of us just had not gotten enough cruising (or eating) in so we met up on the SS Natchez.  You might notice that they offer convention services. 

We were thinking about riding the Queen of Seattle if we make SteamCon this October but the link does not seem to work which is a bad sign. 

Apparently the Queen of Seattle was up for sale on Ebay and is not currently in operation: 

I feel bad that I just found out that the Queen of Alaska out of Ketchikan and the Queen of Seattle are/were the same boat (which has a real antique steam engine). 


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