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Ok, so my wee kid brother of 10 (We shall call him Kid 10 for anonymity purposes) has commissioned me (sorta) to make him a Steampunk Spider-man outfit. 

The basic idea is that it will be comprised of these items:

-Aviator cap

-Aviator goggles







-Belt with pouches


-Boots (or maybe boots coverings over shoes, whatever's easiest)

Problem is, I can't find myself a decent jodhpur pattern. You know the kind, the ones that stick out and look great with boots. 

He decided he wanted the colours to be black and brown, very sensible if I do say so myself, he did say that he wanted it to be more camouflage. 

Any ideas or patterns that might help? As well as any tips on dying, sewing measurements bla bla bla. C: Many thanks~ 

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Indeed! I'd love to get myself a pattern for that. 

Shoot, I'm pretty sure I've seen a pattern somewhere.  Lemme see if I can find....

Ohh, this is where I saw it:   Not a lot of use if you don't draft your own patterns though, I'm afraid.   There is this one for women:   Maybe you could alter it to work?

Ah! I actually found that pattern, but I wasn't entirely sure if it was the right style though. Thank you very much~

Of course, then you have to field all the comments about Spiderman running around in his Long Johns. ;)

Why, we'd want him to be presentable! But it wouldn't hurt to try it as an alternate idea, eh wot?

They're quite something Wally~! I quite like the fuzzy bunny slippers.

The long johns could be modified...they do reek of an indelicate sense because they are unmentionables, but he is a mere boy, so we might not want to go there. :)

Well Superman, Batman and Robin go around in their knickers on the outside of their costume, and/or no trouser at all. 

So what is the secret pocket in?

No, don't answer that, I would probably blush.

A possible easy out for jodphurs would be to take a baggy pair of combat pants, use the side seam to slim down the pant from the knee down and maybe add that extra fabric to the side seam of the thigh area.  The baggy pocket could also help pouch out the side in a gadget holding "practical" way.  


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