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Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank you all to be a great member of the Empire!

We have published a set of guidelines for the Empire.  Please take a moment to read it and familiarize yourself with them. 



The Steampunk Empire is built for people who love steampunk. These guidelines, in conjunction with our Terms of Service, provide advice that we hope make the Empire an interesting, safe, and productive place to have conversations about the genre we came to love so much.



If we want respect and civility to be the hallmarks of The Steampunk Empire, we all have to strive to keep the feedback constructive.


Off-topic, out-of-context, drive-by, cross-posted comments make it hard to follow a conversation. We sometimes remove them to keep the conversation structured and meaningful.


We move Forum discussions that look like they belong in a different category. We close duplicate discussions and point people to ongoing discussions about the same topic. We don’t intend to censor anyone, but we may remove a discussion or replies in a discussion if they’re causing confusion, are mean-spirited, or are otherwise inappropriate (e.g., language). In general, we do our best to tidy up and make things easier to find.


It doesn’t happen very often, but we will remove people who harass other people. Personal attacks, insults, and unrelenting negativity won’t be tolerated on The Steampunk Empire.


What is spam? Spam is a noun: unsolicited ads for products and services. Spam is a verb: posting the same message again and again to as many people as possible. Spam is a bad word. Don’t spam.


Making this a safe, constructive place to exchange information is our top priority, and violating any of these guidelines may result in a suspension from the Empire. It rarely comes to that, though. The most important thing we ask of you, our fellow denizens of the Empire: Get involved! Tons of people here are helpful and kind to each other. Be one of them.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a message.

Thanks and happy holidays!


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I like my page here very much. What bothered me just the other day was I was posting a new pic and noted that I praised Phillip K. Dick.... Just to have his name edited? What ever happened to the first amendment? I was then and always been responsible on my postings. I found this to be overstepping on my civil rights. I don't spamm, I respect all here and to be Told I can't post the name Dick because it's offensive? Really? Very disappointed. Captain Mutanis
We have a word filter on the site. It is designed to protect the site from spam and obscenities. As you noticed it's a blunt instrument and sometime does not work as well as it should. This is something I am continously looking at to see if we can find something better.

Thank you for posting George Washington's Rules of Civility. But this is not relevant to this thread and in fact is example of non sequiturs as stated on "stay on target" in the guideline.

But , dear Ms. Marsh , I enjoyed them .

It is up to the owner of the thread to decide what is off topic or not. Please respect that.

Wally, I don't get what your problem is with the guidelines. They seem pretty obvious and not outrageous. I was reading brass goggles and they have guideline pretty on par with this one.

This place is not just for the enjoyment of you and prof fate, it's for everyone.

Also, If you don't like something, instead of whining about it how about make some proposals? As my favorite quote out of Survivor this season ( anyone still watching the show?) "whiners are wieners."

Try to make a change instead of complaining. Isn't this the steampunk spirit?

Just sayin'.

Your comment , dear Cian , seems to be the sort of unsolicited attack that the guidelines are concerned with .
Suggesting that contributing to a discussion constitutes ' whining ' adds nothing to the quality of discourse .

You're attacks sir (Cian Zahm) on another members opinion is not warrented or welcomed and certainly not a "steampunk spirit" found here in the Empire. Please read the guidelines for a more proper, appropriate responce.

Still I can see it blew my point out again. Whatever... I'll type in Spanish, Polish, German the same word.
Thank you good sir, I shall and it is on topic. I know the intent here is good and only upset over not able to give do credit. Love being here with so many creative minds. Think I'll stink around another century or two. Capt

Should I seem to violate any of the guidelines can I expect to be asked for an explanation before suspension ?

Thank you Wally , but my question was addressed to Ms. Marsh - I should have made that clear .


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