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Victorian Walking sticks and Parasols - What kind do you use. Try to find and add related pictures or video clips !

This is a vintage cane with brass knob and tip, fresh from an old estate.

The shaft is oak, and the top knob has good weight.

This doubles as a defensive walking stick for rabid dogs or purse snatchers.


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Just thought I would share !

Quite a valuable piece, Herr Metzger.

Thank you for visiting Professor Beauregard " Charlie" Diggs. It is indeed a pricey piece,and well worth it. Do you Sir, own or use a walking stick for formal or everyday occasions ?   

My dear Wolfgang,

So many thanks for bringing to our attention this most informative piece of cinematography on Self defence. Professor Preposterous was most taken with it and would like to know where he may sign up for classes immediately. 

Well hello my dear Taphophilia, it surly is a pleasant surprise to see you here, thank you for visiting. I believe the good Professor Preposterous will get a "kick" out of this video !  

Also for the good Professor Preposterous-

Dear Wolfgang, I found this tutorial to be absolutely informative. An absolute necessity for all gentlemen walking todays mean streets. I almost had to use my "skull cracker" on a drunk cowboy on the streets of Las Vegas last night. Thank you for sharing, Dr.PT Kastle

The Professor owns a number of walking sticks including several of advanced years . His favorite is a modern aluminum shafted ' Gothic ' model with a skull knob . This combines practicality with shock and awe .

For more formal situations, a white cane with fluted brass handle, and a deer antler tip.


For less formal, a sassafras cane with brass "horse furniture" handle, and rubber cap





Indeed, I have to agree with you sir. Nice choices. Thank you for visiting,  Wolfgang

Hello Professor,Thank you my good man for sharing. I had an idea that you would own some fine walking sticks. Your Gothic stick sounds like the stick I would love to own one day ( I am very much into the Gothic culture- if you haven't already noticed by looking at my picture gallery ! )  Thanks again,   Wolfgang


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