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What are you currently reading right now!? What book is in your bed, under your pillow, on the floor beside the bed, on the night stand, or in your bag?

One or more on the go at the same time!?

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Brisinger I believe

I'm about a quarter way through the third book. I cannot help but think Roran should have been the rider. I enjoy his story the most.

Sherrilyn Kenyon's  Infinity/Chronicles of Nick. How about you Ms.Elizabeth.

' Varney the Vampire or The Feast of Blood - a romance ' , attributed to Thomas Preskett Prest .
This is a three volume re-print of an 1840's ' Penny Dreadful ' and alternates thrills with long periods of boredom .
Not the ideal bedside book because you never know whether it will send you to sleep or keep you awake all night !

Brian Green's The Fabric of the Cosmos! I am very much interested in Physics!

I used to complain about the iPad my husband got me for Christmas (namely what the hell did I need an iPad for?), but it has this awesome little app called Free Books, which is, well, free books.

Mine's got a bunch of books on it because I compulsively click and download, but the ones that I've actually begun to read are

Ainsi Parlait Zarathoustra (just because I like Nietzsche, and I like the title),

The Shahnameh (because I've never read it in English before, but it was the first book I read when I learned to read - Persan of course),

Fanny Hill (because everyone needs a bawdy book once in a while and I can't find anything by de Sade on the app, probably because the English translations are too new to be considered free of the copyright)

Carmilla (It's a good ol' Vampire story, and I've not gotten to my Varney the Vampire yet, as Vikram the Vampire is next on the list.... Looking at the app now though, I seem to have an awful lot of Vampire books to catch up on....)

And finally, Voyage au Centre de la Terre (because it's never a bad time to read Victorian sci-fi adventures)

I always seem to read in "clusters" (several books at a time rather than reading one, finishing, then moving on) and I think that happened because of researching. If I didn't pick up the "cluster" habit, I would only be reading one research book at a time - which can be dreadfully boring - and then never getting around to reading anything just for the fun of it.

Tithe - Holly Black. A decent story, and full of amazing description, but I still get annoyed by books that say there is a hidden world that none of us 'mundanes' ever notice. Are humans really so stupid....

Two books on Theodore Roosevelt (Mornings on Horseback and The Lion's Pride); Android Karenina; Anathem; a book on King Philip's War; a biography of Humphrey Bogart; The Dawning of the Raj; a book on the changing concepts of female beauty in American culture form the 1820s through the 1980s (which is awfully dry and needs more illustrations); and several lighter fiction books with a cover illustration of a pretty girl holding a BFG.

About twice that number of volumes are staged but not yet begun, and I am just including the books  by the bed, not those piled in the living room, the office, or at the kitchen table.


If you liked The Dawning of the Raj, you might also enjoy Heaven's Command by James Morris about how the Victorians changed from laid back Georgians with an indolent empire in the pesky earnest do-gooders of the Victorian Empire mentality.

Building Small Steam Locomotives

by  Peter Jones  

a primer on building live steam locomotives to run on 32 or 45 mm. track.

The General Danced at Dawn by George MacDonald Frasier, a series of semifictional short stories about life the Gordon Highlanders regiment.  You may also know Frasier as the author of the Flashman books.



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