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So here's the thing. I absolutely despise milk. I'm not lactose intolerant but I just can't stomach the taste of milk.

I have never liked milked. And so I've led a very low calcium life through out my life (I'm nearly 20), and so if I keep avoiding this very good source of healthy calcium it'll affect me in later life rather badly (brittle bones etc.).

What's a good replacement of milk that's high in calcium but doesn't have that awful distinct 'milk' taste? (sorry cows) I like cream, cheese, ice cream and custard (sometimes). But none of those things are really very good for a daily consumption in vast amounts.

Please help me, you're my only hope!

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Hmmm I should start drinking milk....

There is calcium fortified orange juice which has almost as much calcium as milk.

Soy milk is a good supplement, it also has calcium, and VIT D added. It comes in a variety of flavors and sweetness. One may also indulge in coconut milk as well. Each can be found in your local supermarket.

I personally love almond milk...though I'm not sure how it is in calcium because I'm too lazy to go look.  Might be an option though.  I can't stand soy milk. BLECH.

I love soy milk, but I can't drink it due to health reasons.


I suggest almond milk as well! The plain no-sugar version has a delightful salty aftertaste. It also has twice as much calcium as milk, has less calories than milk, and a ton of potassium! (It also goes great with ovaltine if you like the stuff.)

There are a lot of veggies that are pretty high in calcium. My son doesn't like milk either, so we're always making sure he's eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies to make up for it. Here's a list I found that's been helpful for us.

Something tart and tangy like yogurt, kefir, or even buttermilk. Lots of people hate buttermilk but I love it. There's also the possibility of adding powdered milk to recipes like meatloaf, scrambled eggs, some baked goods, you get the idea.

generally anything that's supposed to replace milk for vegans/lactose intolerant people is a good place to start for things that taste nothing like milk.

I've discovered soy milk taste rather nice!
Thank you so very much for helping me out, I'll definitely try the variety of things you've all mentioned. Again, thank you!



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