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I was just curious if anyone was planning on attending DragonCon in Atlanta GA this Labor Day weekend. I would be pleased to meet up with any of my fellow Imperialists.

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I'll be there, the good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise; I will be working the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (come to our performances!) and competing in the Airship Race.

I'll be there!


Yup, this space cowboy will be there :-)

I will be there as well!  There is usually a pretty good contingent of some of the usual suspects.  Anyone know if the "casual mixer" on Thursday really means casual (ie. would I look like an idiot if I come out of costume?) or does that just mean a casual atmosphere as we hang around in our finery?  I've never actually made it to Atlanta in time on Thursday to go to one but I'd like to this year.

I will be floating in, exhibiting as part of the Alternative History Museum. 

 i will be there

I missed out on this year but should be set for Dragoncn 2014. Got our room reserved at the Hyatt Regency. Pricey but you pay for good location. Also squared away for Teslacon 2014.

I will be there with my wife as well! It will be my first Con, of this type so Im exited! 

I will be there at dragon con this year again also

I'll be there this year also, once again working with ARTC (come to our performances; you've already paid for them...) and competing in the Airship Race, which we won last year ;)

Last year I was not able to come but this year I had already planned to attend DragonCon 2015.


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