The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

The green one seems to have disappeared . If anyone sights him please remind him that he is much missed by a wide and sorrowing circle of friends .


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It's a great loss not only to the Aethers but to the morale of it's members. Zack had offered fun, amusement, encouragement and partiscipation. To those who do not agree only shows a shallow self promoting agenda that does not benefit the good of this Empire.

Dear Baroness , in the absence of evidence ( as well as the green one himself ) I can only assume Zack has gone into self imposed exile .
While we are waiting for the inevitable triumphant return we can only try to uphold his standards of good humour .

At risk of self promotion, which this is not intended to be, please join me in a round of last drinks for Zack at the Saloon. Zack, even though I know exactly where to find you, your history and hilarity here will be truly missed. Cheers.

To arms!

*checks to see if he is correct.*

Yep. Two arms!

He has gone from teh station, but if you do still want to follow his crazy andtics, and those of many others, check out

Guess Zack caught whatever Wally had.

We need to duct-tape him here when he gets back, so that he's not dragged off again.

I'll leave the case to Wally - he's more defective than I am.

I really need to pay more attention to my Empire Family....first Wally, who thankfully returned, and now Zack. I can't take my eyes off of you boys for a minutes without one of you running amuck....I hold out hope for his return. He was a delighful and talented Zombie.

Still no sign of Zack yet?

Zack is about as alive as he ever was , just elsewhere ( see above ) .
I have received a message from beyond the grave which indicates that he intends keeping a bloodshot eye on us .

It is a mystery , wrapped in an enigma !

or Zack , back !

Treemendous !


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