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The true aether of this Universe is by all evidence LOVE.Le véritable éther, l'essence ciel pour ainsi dire, c'est de toute évidence l'AMOUR.Continue

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Professor Gustave Morbeus's Page

Morbeus, Gustave ( profmorbeus )

Professor of :

Omni/spiritual/metaphysics, specialized in abstract/techno/reconstruction and pseudo/retro/philo/psychology.

High commissioner of Pataphysics.

Patentor Extraordinaire.

Founding member of the Creative Institute of Ambiguous Unity.

Also member of French Steampunk, Steampunk Canada and Steampunk Ottawa.


Currently conducting research in pure creativity at the Creative Institute of Ambiguous Unity in my imachinathorium ambiguum, located at the centre of the universe number


- The Empire, indeed the entire Universe is what we make of it.

- I imachinate therefore I am.

- We are the very thingness of things, very small tempo-realities.

- The world is not what it appears to be nor is it otherwise.

- Contrary to the combustion engine the bicycle is an invention.

- The true aether of this Universe is by all evidence LOVE.
  Le véritable éther, l'essence ciel pour ainsi dire, c'est de toute évidence l'amour.

- Creativity is intuitive so, if I try to think, nothing happens.

- Cogito inflatium ergo sum

- Morbeus, something is approaching from the south-ouest, it is now quite close.

- I am monitored to admit no one at this hour.

 Inventions and patents:


Centres of the universe dual generator.

Quantum neural destabilizer.

BS disintegrator.

Space/time discontinuator.


Metaphometaphysical probe.

Perpetual immobilizer.

Pseudo patameta abstractions.


Opinion dilutalator.

Paradox incinerator.

Bizarre normalizer.


Pataphysical - circumventriculator ( patent pending )


Cogitations collecto-neuro amplifier.

Singularity Chronometer.

Obstacle Balderdasher.


The very localized tell a phonie. ( this remarkable device allows you to communicate with people in your immediate entourage who insist on using communication devices).

The in-tempo-reallity mind location singular synchronizer.   

The conversation piece. (The conversation piece emits a frequency that stimulates the curiosity of others in your immediate entourage prompting them with an irresistible desire to inquire about the said device and thereby asking yours truly about its function and/or purpose, at which point of course we strike up a conversation. Its that simple, you see?)

Bombastic Absurdanator. 

Megalomania Deflator.

Spray onto any Skeptics you encounter and turn them into True believers for a period of up to 24hours. Take just one breath and life will be most fantasticus again.

(warning: repeated applications may cause a permanent state of faith in Mystery, Beauty and the Power of Creativity).

For the more adventurous among us here is Prof Morbeus's Implosion Grenade.
Charged with a critical mass of AbsurdAbstractiuum, when the two poles are pressed towards each other the grenade is armed and will detonate in a terrific implosion that will create a locale mini black hole. 
Caution: (With a 10 second time laps delay, for use only near a teleport device.)

Latest News from the Imachinambiguum :

Professor Gustave Morbeus announces the discovery of a new fantasticuus elementis that he named the: - Absurdabstractium. 

Prof Morbeus believes this new source of creative energy permeates the entire patametaphysical universe.

Much more on this uncreditable discovery in a future report.

Professor Morbeus the foremost specialist on Absurdabstractiuum warms that this elementis is extremely unsubstantiable and that he is currently experimenting to find ways of isolating and harnessing this vast source of creative power. One member of the empire already expressed his interest in this elementis to power his fleet of steam airships.

Further more Morbeus suggested that if he is successful this discovery could lead to yet another paradigmatic invention shift.   

More on this in a future report.

News from the Imachinathorium Ambiguum

Professor Gustave Morbeus the Empire's PataMetaphysical authority confirmed today that he was successful in harnessing the creative potential power of his recent discovery the elementis fantasticuus now known as Absurdabstractium. 

Prof Morbeus would not reveal the secret of the technology utilized in this process but indicated that the apparatus involved the use of a quantum cerebrum interlinked with his brain in order to stabilize the otherwise evasive elementis. Morbeus also indicated his intent to make use of this virtually limitless source of creative energy to power his inventions.


Latest News from the Imachinathorium Ambiguum

Professor Gustave Morbeus announced today that the Patametaphysical encyclopedia is now almost complete. Known in the more arcane circles as the Great Universum Compendium Andthensum, this encyclopedia comprises everything known, knowable and unknowable.

Imachinathorium Ambiguum ( Press release 20/12/2013 )

It is now my profound belief that the Uni-verse, indeed the entire cosmos, is a song. Yes, a song composed of multi-verses harmonized into One. This belief was inspired by the creation myths I encountered while visiting cultures from many worlds throughout the cosmos. Patametaphysicians have long suspected this theory and today I am convinced of its validity. The cosmos is the divine love song of the Great Goddess: Éther N'Elle, also known has the goddess: Elle est terre nue or again also known as Tetrahedra and again under a multitude of other names according to which culture you belong or that you happen to be studying.

Furthermore I have linked this creation myth with it's antipode the so called destruction myth. Which gave me the following proposition formulated thus:

La Déesse Éther N'Elle, Elle est terre nue et

Elle Éteint celle qui N'Éther plus.

However since the cosmos is a perpetual regenerative motion

we must add the following final proposition:

Plus Elle N'Éther qui Éteint Celle et

Elle est terre nue la Déesse Éther N'Elle

This then completes this Patametaphysical expression or if you like the refrain. 

Professor Gustave Morbeus

Imachinathorium Ambiguum ( Press release 24/12/2013 )

Professor Morbeus has been awarded a combination of two of Patametaphysics highest honors for his discovery of the elementis fantasticuus Absurdabstractiuum. The prestigious " Know Bells and Whistles prizes will be given to Morbeus at an official ceremony later in the new year.


New paper published by Professor Gustave Morbeus 

Creative Institute of Ambiguous Unity   28 / 12 / 2013

First patametaphysical theorem

( the one that is two )

If  1 = 2 ( basic metaphysical assumption of our creative Universe, i.e. yin yang, uroboros, etc... ) 


 1 + 1 = 4 ( confirmation of RBF's synergetics formula for the minimum system of the physical Universe ). 

This theorem is the foundation of Patametaphysic's ambiguous Mathematics. 

Imachinathorium Ambiguum ( Press release 09/03/2014 )

Gustave Morbeus announced late last night that he is preparing for a journey to explore the centres of the Universe. The professor indicated he would not be alone on this expedition but for security reasons would not divulge the identity of other members at this time.

Speculations in the Patametaphysical circles suggest that Morbeus intends to tap into the source of Absurdabstractium the elementis he discovered last year and thus provide a source of virtual and limitless energy for the Empire. After the announcement the professor could not be reached for further comments. It is reported that Morbeus is immersed in fantasticle computations required for the expedition that will make use of one of his recent apparatus the "In-tempo-reallity mind relocation singular synchronizer" This device is said to provide passage through the space/time/continuum perhaps right up to the very birth of the Universe and into the original big-bang's singularity.

News of the professor's imminent departure has taken the entire empire by surprise and sent shockwaves throughout the financial markets everywhere. After the announcement the steam index rose by 40 degrees indicating a new record high on the otherwise stable economic pressure gauge.

Public Announcement.
Professor Gustave Morbeus has moved his living quarters to the residence of Madame Claire Voyante, president of the syndicate of Mediums and Spiritualists of Anima Mundi.

It is said of Madame Claire Voyante that her animal familiar is a rabbit named Medium Rare.

Prof Morbeus however is still looking for a locale for his Imachinathorium Ambiguum.

September 22 / 2014

For immediate release / Latest News From
The Institute of Ambiguous Unity 
A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH at the Imachinathorium Ambiguum

Professor G.Morbeus just announced the discovery of the:
This mysterious Ray reveals arrogance with the shock of surprise! 
It triggers the sudden awareness of ignorance and disarms 
by exposing hubris in a most relentless fashion.


Check this out:


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Dec 21, 2014

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At 4:06pm on December 18, 2014, Steampunk Grandma said…

Many thanks Professor.  I am delighted to be a part of the Steampunk Empire.

At 7:11am on December 18, 2014, Steampunk Grandma said…

Oh this is wonderful!

At 12:48am on December 9, 2014, Stef Canon said…

Hello Gustave, 

Good to see you here too.

I've been a member for a while but was pretty much inactive so I'm making that up :D


At 1:51pm on October 7, 2014, Taphophilia Catafalque said…

At 1:47pm on August 11, 2014, Hatchworth said…
Hi*tips bowler hat*how are you
At 4:03pm on July 9, 2014, Cristen E. Rose said…

Hello Professor! It is a pleasure meeting you here as well. I'm excited to explore this new Empire, which seems vast and full of amazing talent.

At 1:44pm on July 3, 2014, Captain Nessie Filomena said…

Thank you for the kind welcome! I do love a good adventure!

At 1:42pm on July 3, 2014, Captain Nessie Filomena said…

Thank you for the kind welcome! I do love a good adventure!

At 9:38am on June 24, 2014, Jessica Marie Meyer said…

Many thanks for the kind welcome Professor!

At 4:13pm on June 9, 2014, Alexis Wynn said…

Thank you so much for the welcome! :)

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