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Captain Maximillian Drake
  • 35, Male
  • Otego, NY
  • United States
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So, first in the spirit a bit about myself in relation to Steam Punk. I'm a person interested in Steampunk, looking to meet others interested in the same, particularly in my area. I'm not exactly what you'd call a hardcore steampunk, yet I very well could be. I am very partial to costumes and dressing up. I currently have most of an airship captain costume, for a character named Maximillian Drake (Quite frankly, this need not be the only Steam Punk character I ever play, but its my favorite so far, and the identity I'll use for this site.)The genre has always interested me, as I have always been a History buff, enjoy science fiction, and now have a Bachelor's in History from Binghamton University. At BU I joined the LARP Club and participated in helping to write the rules for and run a simple Steampunk LARP. This experience got me even more interested in the genre, to the point where I'm looking for others interested in helping to write rules for, play in and run a foam padded weopon/nerf gun type Seampunk type LARP in my area.

Now a little more about myself. I am first and foremost an artist. I mostly work in leather and chainmaille these days, but dabble in many other types of media as well. With these skills I'm thinking I might move more in the direction of working in a steampunk theme.

Foam padded weapon LARP has been a passion of mine for about 20 years. As a result I have become a fairly accomplished swordsman. While I am a gamer for sure, I don't think the term "geek" really fits me too well. So, I don't consider myself a gamer geek. I am one of those folks with many facets. I'm a bookworm and an academic, yet not a geek. I'm quite active and adventurous, but I am also by no means a jock either.

I tend to be a social animal, even though I'm somewhat of a "freak" to most "normal" people, I manage to fit in with most and make friends easily. In general I have an abundance of will power and am honest to a fault. Truth, honor and self control are very important to me. Some would say I'm almost old fashioned in my values because of it. I have never been near the Blarney Stone (although I have traveled a good bit in Europe), but have the gift of gab. I can talk for hours about just about anything, and truly enjoy and value intelligent conversation.

So if you are interested in participating in the planning for and running of a new Steampunk LARP in the Upstate New York area drop me a line.

Rise like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number!

Shake your chains to earth, like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you-

Ye are many; they are few!

-Percy Shelley- an excerpt from "The Mask of Anarchy"


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At 12:28pm on October 7, 2014, Nicci T. said…

Hello and Happy Birthday to you!

At 12:08pm on October 7, 2014, CPT Edward Leviticus said…

Happy birthday my friend and comrade in arms!

At 12:08pm on October 7, 2014, CPT Edward Leviticus said…

At 10:12am on October 7, 2014, Taphophilia Catafalque said…

A Most Happy Birthday to You my Dear Fellow

At 3:01am on October 7, 2014, Prof. Sebastian Fate said…

Best wishes for your birthday .

At 4:07pm on September 18, 2014, Dr Douglas Trebuchet Hemmingway said…

Were not friends???

How has been allowed to happen???

I demand an investigation.....

At 8:19pm on June 30, 2014, Sgt. Ian MacBruiche said…

Sorry about that. The tagline is bushveldt.

At 7:31pm on June 30, 2014, Sgt. Ian MacBruiche said…

At 1:07pm on June 16, 2014, Sgt. Ian MacBruiche said…

I can't believe after all this time, you weren't on my friends list. Terrible oversight that. Well, here they are...Ronin's Rules with a game play addendum.

Short Story RPS

Short Story RPS have a more dynamic ebb and flow than say, blog posts or longer storylines. The main reason for this is the rule set. They can be changed to suit the participants tastes, although they work rather well as is. Consider them more like sessions than campaigns.

"Ronin's Rules"

1) Only a single paragraph maximum may be added by any one character. Less is okay, even down to a single sentence, but not more than a normal sized paragraph. This helps keep things moving, allows quick adds and lends itself to the ebb and flow that multiple personas will undoubtedly create.

2) Do not add another IC (In Character) paragraph until at least one other has been posted by another participant. Not only does this discourage 'runaway' storylines, but it also encourages writers who might be less comfortable with their own ability.

3) Only write for a single character. Your own. You should not guide, speak for, act as or instead of any other character than yourself/your own character. Much like life, you may REALLY want someone else to do X or Y…however there is no way to force that into reality. You can of course, think whatever you wish and express it as such, but actively directing or writing for another character is not allowed. Please don't do so here.

4) Stay in character. You may feel free to write OOC (Out Of Character) pieces to express concerns, thoughts etc..but please label it as such. Please also keep it separate from any IC posts.

5) On the subject of 'props'. They are the only posts allowed by the same participant immediately after or before their IC post. Some writers enjoy a little ephemera, something abit more visual that adds to the flavor of the rp.

6)The Controller/Manager/DM/GM is the one who sets the scene, tosses in the occasional bit of scenario or causal piece to which everyone will have to deal with. Normally, it's pretty benign…normally. For example...”A waiter, carrying a platter full of cabernet offers you a glass”. Simple no? Then again they may also toss in the occasional... ”A waiter, carrying a platter full of cabernet trips on the rug and dumps the entire contents onto a woman and her poodle, dousing them both from head to tail in red wine.” Oddly enough, you might just be the woman with a poodle. :o)

The Controller will not and may not have a character of their own. The reason is that in past experience, they tend to give their own characters advantages the others have no way of knowing about. They also tend to inadvertently give clues to whatever might come next. As most writers are very clever, aware folks, even the smallest clues can sway the writing to giving them a headstart if they're keen enough to catch it…and they usually are.
So, with that…
          ...Let's begin.

At 8:30pm on May 31, 2014, Marshal Sir Jon Marshall said…

I really enjoyed your character background In the "What kind of Steampunk Are You" forum. Your cybernetic arm is amazing sir. Would you mind passing on a few tips as to how to construct such an arm, especially elbow articulation. My cybernetic arm is mainly plastic, built around hard plastic large size gatorade and other drink bottles, rub and buffed with hot glue additions. The elbow joint is a sports elbow pad with fabric paint and crazy glued appliances; the same goes for my hand. 


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