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The trouble makers of Victania

Okay I have created two new characters for my story and so far have come up with the following for them....I'm not sure if I want to make them supernatural or advanced humans or what but I do know that the term "beast" works well for them.

****Twin Beasts*****

Sitting in the shop I watch my two new "friends" work quietly on cleaning up the mess they had just made.   It seems that Jester is the calmer of the two but Joker is more  of the two volatile.   A factor…


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DIY tutorials

As a newbie to the steampunk genre I had to learn how to do a lot on my own for budget reasons.  I found the following tutorials helped a lot with making parts of my costume and my daughter’s.


DIY Goggles:


DIY Belt (Ribbon/No Sew)…


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Excuse me but I'm not sure i'm in the right shop.

Yes I get that a lot my dear friend, not exactly sure your in the right shop but trust me my dear.   There is always a reason for dropping by my shop.


If you are a Knight, Monster Hunter or Vampire Hunter (Van Helsings for idetification purposes) you are probably here to stock up on the Ashwood (used to depower witches), Aconite (also known as Wolfsbane for werewolves), Vervain  or Juniper (Both used for vampires just do not mix up the species or you will suffer).   Oh and do…


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Welcome to the Black Rose Herbal and Occult Store!

So the more potions I make for the whole persona the more I think about what type of shop Lady Rayna owns.   So far it's turned out to be quite a little shop where you can get almost everything imaginable, in store or by special order.



The Black Rose Herbal and Occult Store.


Welcome one and all to my shop, please feel free to browse around and do not be afraid to ask questions.    There are two sections to the store.  On the…


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Victania my Steamie Home.

Yesterday while researching how to do a project I was writing down what Victania, the city in which I live, would look like and my daughter thought it would be cool to share it would you guys just to see what others think of it.



Trapped between the realms the city sits.  Travel south you will find a wonderous land of magic and fun.  Travel north and find a forest of enchanted delights.  West, if you dare is where the pirates live and…


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Potion Bottle tutorial

I looked hi and low for one of these only to get mixed results so I figure I'd take two of them, put them together to see what happens.   The results were better than I thought it would be so here is what I did:



1. Clear Glue (Elmer's)

2. Glitter (color of your choosing)

3. Food coloring (Color of your choosing)

4. Small potion bottle (found them at Michael's craft store)



Pour the clear glue into the…


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The 6 Rules of Steampunk Fashion: Good read for Beginners like me.

I've been second guessing my whole SP outfit because it was a mixture of the 1920s and Victorian age until I read this:

The Six Rules of Steampunk Fashion


Rules #4-6 are what set my mind at ease and now I must say I've stop second guessing myself.  I came into this knowing that I would not go strictly Victorian Era but got caught up with all the pictures, ideas, etc.…


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Completing a costume on a tight budget.....not so easy but doable.

             Finishing touches just went on the googles today, found the original lenses that went with them so breaking the purple ones is not a big deal now.    Silver has been added to make them pop off the hat, which I have decided to keep even though it's not a true VICTORIAN style hat but hey Lady Rayna Reynolds is not from our world.   She lives in a world inpired by the Victorian age on earth and many other cultures, times and civilizations.    I've been given a lot of advice about…


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