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Well, I once mentioned my little idea about the MoR (Ministry of Revolution) and my wants to become a more notable figure (who doesn't?). These little ideas (which are actually rather big) will be something to work on in the apparent "hiatus" of the illustrious and illusive Doctor Phineas Waldolf Steel. He has been away for a while, the last ever heard from him (as far as I am aware) was his message to his Toy Soldiers declaring his gathering of funds and working on a brand spanking new album titled "Toymonger".

I'm sure there are so many avid Toy Soldiers and fans, I myself am quite the fanatic and look to him as a hero of sorts.


Because I'm so wonderfully competitive, I thought to myself 'what would be more amusing than the dear Doctor returning only to discover that there was a "beautiful, young and exceptionally talented" rival taking his place.' I thought to myself that this might encourage him to not forget all his loyal followers.Mind you, it's only an idea of my own little fancy, but it would jolly well give him a hurdle for once.

I'll elaborate later...perhaps if you inquired...excuse me whilst I set a group for the (MoR).


 ~Lady B Eccentric


Note to self: Buy camcorder. Inquire about loss of skirt.Screw with everyone's minds so that they think I am the most perfect person in all four alternate dimensions and beyond.



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Comment by Prof. Sebastian Fate on June 12, 2011 at 5:42pm
... but you are , me dear !

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