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I’ve joined a new organization dedicated to fostering the advancement of Steampunk fiction worldwide—The Steampunk Writers & Artists Guild.

There’s so much confusion in the world at large about what Steampunk actually is, but with more and more books in this genre hitting the shelves, it seems some cohesion and solidarity is needed. Indeed, there seem to be as many naysayers blogging hate posts as those who rejoice in the storytelling freedom it offers.

It’s not just for writers—there’s room for publishers, agents, readers and bloggers, too. With a forum, blog, chat room and specific interest groups to join, it’s a great community. And it’s beautiful. If you’re writing Steampunk fiction, I hope you'll swell our fledgling numbers by joining and lending your voice in support of Steampunk fiction!


The founders also host a weekly Friday evening #SteampunkChat on Twitter (6 pm PST / 9 pm EST) to discuss all aspects of writing and publishing Steampunk fiction.



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