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One of our SP friends proposed calling a type of impromptu event a "Raid." 

This concept has taken a while to sink in to my old brain but I am beginning to find the concept more appealing.  The "Raid" idea for us came from the SteamPunk Cruises  where some of our SP group shore adventures were basically a gang of folks in SP clothes descending on an unsuspecting, usually historical, location.  We have been very well received so far.  By the 2nd cruise the cruisers started planning our own raids such as on NASA.  Hard to imagine a group of people who have all fantasized about airship piracy mutinying, isn't it? 

Due to low numbers of widely dispersed SP here in Alaska but lots of steamy sites the Raid concept seems to be working half way well. 

Is this an alternate event concept (as opposed to the classic con) that other especially smaller groups are doing, posting, or might benefit from? 

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