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I have seen some people do this makeup style and i completely adore it!!! this look is done soo beautifully, while be strong and...well...dirty. It just goes to show you that you don't have to be pretty to pull of a beautiful steampunk look. Another thing about this look is that it is so easy to achieve. a black eye shadow is all you need for this look.

This look show the miner style with perfection. The Black ash is place perfectly, frame the eye in the most lovely's way. A touch pink lips stick and a nice smokey eye completes the look.

Here is another miner look done in good taste. This one is not as heavy as the first one, but look just as strong. nude lips and a little contour of the eyes hold the look together.

This miner look here as more of what i like to call a "blast" effect. It looks like she was involved in an explosion the way the black is strip on her forehead. Strong eye brows bring you straight to her eye.

All these looks are great example of the miner look. I find this look unique, beautiful, and very fun. Can't wait to try mine out!!!

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