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To Write or Not to Write...

It has been so many years since I have written any fiction, I find myself wondering not only if anyone would like what I have to write but also if I even can anymore. then I wonder if I really care if others like my writing as I doubt I will be published at any time. And so I sit, knowing I should be working on O-Chem or cleaning, or sewing, or reading, and instead I find myself continuing the weeks long inter debate on whether or not I should transpose the story in my head onto paper (or…


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Time is of the Essence...

This is my journal, a timeline of my temporal travels.  Please join me in the journey.…


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Entry 4

Thankfully, since last week we've come along well. On arrival to the Spanish docks, we did run into a few snags with local law enforcement, but we've managed to avoid problems when Ronald had the crew dress as circus performers. Under that ruse, we made it to he seedy underside of the city where outlaws meet on a regular basis.

Had I known exactly what the cost of recruiting new members was, I would have stayed on the ship. But as it turns out, I now belong to one Vic Arkham for… Continue

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Entry 3

I apologize for being late on this entry. It would appear that the crew of the Copper Legacy have run into a rather sticky situation. Early into the week we hit a terrible electrical storm. The Wifonic-telecaster was knocked offline in the chaos of things. It took even Ronald Tarre by surprise, and I came to know him as a man who's never surprised.

It started while I was charting out our current location. Everyone was taking the hour off from their chores, playing games with fish… Continue

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Entry 2

My first week in the company of pirates hasn't been the easiest for me. No more are the days where I can afford the luxuries of a land bound, decent person. I've quickly found each man and woman must earn his or her own way, and many aren't above stealing and cheating to get what they may want or need. I've been guilty of once stealing pillows from the first mate myself.

However, along with the decline of my morality, I've found a new sense of freedom. No longer am I bound by law and…


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The Adventure Ends! The 13th of November, concluded...

    The hideous spider-like creature advanced menacingly towards us. "Kill them! Kill them!" shouted Professor Clasius then continued reciting the incantation that had materialized the evil thing into our presence from some other, darker dimension.

"Can you not stop her Johannes?" shouted Winslow frantically.


    I had but one avenue of hope left to us, but first I must silence the Professor and break her hold on the creature she now controlled. I focused my attention…


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A Demon Of Darkness Attacks! The 13th of November, continued...

   The great flash of light and smoke succeeded in distracting Professor Clasius and breaking her concentration. In fact, my aim was so precise in nature that I succeeded in singing the dreadful woman's hair. She let out a howl of great surprise! "Damn you Leopold! " she shouted as she madly patted her hair to put out the burning embers. The great serpent which encircled us with it's massive coils dissolved away into nothingness. "Good show old man!" said Winslow patting me on the…


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A Duel Of Magic! The 13th of November, continued...

    Greenfield lay on the stony ground bleeding from his shoulder. I knelled down and helped Winslow to aid my fallen comrade. "Bernard, help Thomas into the circle." I whispered.

"Oh Johannes, I don't think now is the time for such..." started Winslow.

"Do as I say!" I snapped "Our lives depend on being in that circle!" As I stood to confront the approaching Professor I said dryly "Your aim is as poor as your character my dear Profesor."

"At this distance it shall be…


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Gun Fight! The 13th of November, continued...

    From my vantage point on the ancient stone bridge, the sight before my eyes was truly amazing. To my right was the two colossal statues who's bottom halves I had become acquainted with in our dim lantern light. Now fully revealed by my illumination spell, the statues could be seen in their complete glory reaching upwards to the ceiling of the great cave. Two my left across the bridge, much to my wonderment, stood two  statues of a similar nature! So great was my surprise at the…


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We Discover The Temple! The 13th of November, continued...

    It has been ten months since my last journal entry. As I sit here in the study of my London home, surrounded by things of comfort and familiarity, pipe in hand and brandy at the ready (as it were) I find it difficult to pick up my tale from where I left off. So many things have transpired in the preceding months that now in the quite and solitude of my chambers I wrestle with the memories of that most fantastic adventure. So dream-like do some of my recollections now seem to me that I…


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Into the Jungle! The 13th of November

The sun was setting over the jungle canopy as the Freedom of Africa came to a slow stop . We had arrived at the location where the entrance to the underground river should be located according to the ancient map and amulet. Capt. Fahiz and his crew set about making quick work of the task of mooring the ramshackle craft in a stationary resting place above the trees. Below us the sounds of strange birds, monkeys and other exotic jungle dwellers filled our ears with a deafening cacophony of…


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Onward to Our Final Destination, By Air! 11th of November

Morning. As the sun rose, we left the town of Al Fashir far behind us. Our mode of transportation, an air ship named The Freedom of Africa (a rather ramshackle contraption of dubious air-worthiness) sailed South-West and within hours the dry grasslands below us gave way to random patches of trees then light forest, then heavy jungle. We were over the great Congo jungle.


Sadly, little could be seen through the vast green canopy of trees that stretched as far as the eye could…


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The Scecret of the Map Revealed! The 10th of Novenber, continued

"The secret of the map is obvious! Honestly Bernard," I Said with a smile "how can a man as brilliant as you be so thick?"

"Really Johannes, you are going to hurt my feelings. You should not say such things, even if you think them." said Winslow.

I chuckled at his mock hurt and continued "Do you not see the secret of the map Bernard? The map will show us the way, that is when it is when it is combined with the amulet like so." I placed the amulet upon the map just as I had done…


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Captains Log: Scandinavia

Working on mixing a demo that we plan on releasing this year as a little something to come with a hand-printed poster. It will come in the form of what people call a "download code". Some sort of mystical group of numbers that one puts in a computational device that glows electrical light and is connected to all the knowledge of the world. Quite a fantastical invention. At any rate, it will appear most likely in April on our bandcamp page which is here:…


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Watch That First Step - Remembering That First Jump

I haven't always been such an avid field biologist. My earlier years were always filled with a heavy helping of caution.  If I wasn't second guessing myself, my mother was.  She would always be the first to point out how you could die or be horribly disabled.  Needless to say, I missed out on a lot of things as a teenager.  Then I went to college and everything changed.…


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Prof. Clausis Strikes Again! The 10th of November, continued

As the door to my room flung open a voice rang out in the hall "I say! You there! What are you up to!" It was Greenfield, he had caught the intruder just as he was entering my room. "That is Mr Leopold's room."

The intruder turned to face Greenfield. Lifting his hand to shoulder height, he savagely hurled a knife at my fellow traveler. I raised my revolver and with quick, deliberate aim, fired! The intruder fell to the ground with a thud.

Within moments the hall was a buzz… Continue

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Assassin! The 10th of November, 18_ _.

Morning: This morning was spent in transit to the town of Al Fashir. Taking little more than two hours to reach by camel, the journey was a delightful excursion in contrast to the subterranean ordeal we had just completed and our spirits were high by the time we reached our destination. The departure of Boilinger and Cline was of little concern as I saw them (Boilinger in particular) more of a nuisance then of a help to us. Al Fashir is a rather large town and an important stop on the greater… Continue

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The Expedition is Split. The 9th of November.

Morning: I awoke this morning with a ravenous appetite and feeling much rested. The past day (yesterday) seems to fade away into a vague dream. my recollection of arriving at this small town north west of Al Fashir on the afternoon of the 7th with my fellow expedition members is quite vivid, but every thing after our first meal seems distant and unreal. The physical tole of our subterranean river journey was, no doubt, far more exhausting and fatiguing than any of us had expected. Winslow,… Continue

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Day Light at Last! The 7th of November, continued...

Forward movement was hopeless, there was no possible way to get our boat over the huge boulders that blocked passage to the river beyond and the violent force of the water forcing its way through the small opening at the top of the caved-in boulders would drown a man in mere seconds. Our only path was to go back to the stone steps and ascend to the surface.

The river's current, though somewhat slower, was still ferociously strong and we had to cut loose our raft containing all of our… Continue

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Cave-In! 2nd- 7th November.

Little of any consequence occurred during the next few days except for the quickening of our pace. The tunnel that the river moved through narrowed noticeable and the current of the waters flow increased. So rapid was our speed we soon began to fear being dashed into the rocky sides of tunnel. We spent a great deal of effort trying to keep our small boat (and the raft we had in tow to carry our supplies) from being swamped by the rivers tumultuous waters. The sound of the rushing water was… Continue

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