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September 1882 Blog Posts (5)

Entry the Fifth

29 September 1882

I am thoroughly settled within my little apartment, and in a form of comfort I have become unaccustomed to, staying in these miltary tents the past few months. What I lack in language, I make up for in my apparent unique-ness as I seem to be about the only white female to be found. I use it to my advantage, however, and with Ahsan I was able to outfit my little operation with very little impact to my purse. I have even…


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Entry the Fourth

20 September 1882

The Egyptians are in hand at last. After the attack we staged about a week ago, we marched on to Cairo and the devils didn't resist. We have a handful of the leaders in custody now, including that scoundrel Urabi who began it all. It is over, for the most part. The trials which will surely take place will take some time as things have to be established within Cairo and I know that Alexandria is a perfect disaster now…


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Entry the Third

12 September, 1882

I left you in a state of passion, I confess, when last I wrote. Let me tell you the events that transpired after the attack I last wrote of. I of course grabbed a few young strong soldiers to make covert surveillance of the Egyptian defenses, the better to find the best way to attack. There was little option of marching troops to flank as this would be a long trek through waterless desert. True, we had the aeroplanes,…


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Entry the Second

10 September, 1882

I write with a heavy heart as we have sustained many losses in souls and equipment today in Kassassin. My eyes are swollen from the smoke and dust and yes, I am not ashamed to admit it, tears as I watched many a good man fight and fall today. I myself have an injured knee and my left arm was grazed by a flying bullet, though it did naught but leave a shallow scrape. I count my blessings, though, as many did not make…


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Entry the First of Lady Bijou's Adventures in Egypt.

9 September, 1882

I begin this literary venture in a tent barely large enough to house my petite personage and meager trunk, let alone a cot. The air is clear tonight and full of joy as we, to say, the British with help from the Indians have secured the Canal against that Arab scoundrel Urabi. To be modest, it was due to the workings of de Lesseps though with some suggestion from myself. Good man, de Lesseps, though perhaps a little too…


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