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A groups name says everything.

For a "Steam Tourist", (I intend to be much more) I find it a bit intimidating to be amongst so many stellar people all dedicated to what they love! The knowledge they have amassed, the life they now live inside this beautiful dimension is something I strive for, but sometimes felt destined to fail. Then I received an invite from a group called "The Cog of Acceptance"! Well, the name, and description of said group re-newed my hope of acceptance and inclusion… Continue

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NaNoWriMo Winner

For the entire month of November, I engaged in my first National Novel Writing Month also known as NaNoWriMo. The goal is simple. Write every day for thirty days. Produce 1667 words every day you write. Add them up at the end and put out a old school novel of approximately 50,000 words (175 pages give or take). Unfortunately, most novels today have twice…

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Entry #138

Entry #138

Date Recorded: February 26, 1261

Never a moment’s peace… everywhere I go… even in Shangri Bleeding La!…

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steampunk linkblog, November 30 2010

The Steampunk Librarian Book Giveaway is in full swing! Here's what's up so far (go to each link to participate in the giveaway), with December 10th as the deadline to enter.


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Luminocity was hugely successful, and we are so thankful to those volunteers that showed up to help out! We were able to beg the Volunteers into the VIP party for free as a reward for all the hard work. We will post pictures as they appear. I was able to spread the word about AnachroCon to the press people there. The event was free and several thousand people came. There may be another in January that is even bigger. The Mayor Kasim Reed, City Councilman ,Big Boi and others helped make the… Continue

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Entry #137

Entry #137
Date Recorded: February 25, 1261

Hidden behind the snow capped Himalayas in central Nepal, there lies a tranquil green valley of singing grass and smiling flowers where birds and beasts live in peace and harmony. Shangri La is a sanctuary for all things that live, and has been since the dawn of mankind, and well before the dawn of civilization. The only human inhabitants are Buddhist monks who live all of their lives in a…

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Personal Journal Entry 3

I already feel like I'm back at home. Last night was such an interesting night. Quite busy in the pub with a lager crowd than I usually see on a Saturday. We were all having a grand time when Nitel tried to light the fire in the hearth. I had to stop her, I'd discovered earlier that the chimney was plugged and I was waiting for a sweep to come round to get it cleaned out. Casper decided to go have a peep inside to see if it was something she could take care of and what should she find but a… Continue

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White Mischief seeks Steampunk artists, makers, creatives...

White Mischief ( is hosting a Steampunk event in the Barbican's magnificent tropical Conservatory on Tuesday 11 January; we are also planning a number of Steampunk events during 2011, including two theatrical shows at fabulous unexplored venues and another large party at Scala.

We would like to reach out to the UK Steampunk community in order to involve more Steampunk artists in our work. Incidentally, we do…

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Journal Post No. 6 -- Unusual Arrival

I must say I was quite surprised yesterday when a small parcel arrived upon my doorstep. Not that the smallness or the actual appearance was the surprise, it was the contents of the parcel. I admit I was expecting something a bit different. No letter or note was included, so I can only assume it was from a source who quite apparently thought it might be of use to me. The only thing I was expecting was an item that would herald in the crisp beauty of the holiday season. Yet what I received is… Continue

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Beyond Victoriana #51 Fascinating Women: Meta Warrick Fuller--Guest Blog from Evangeline Holland

Note: Cross-posted with permission from Edwardian Promenade.

Meta (mee-tah) Vaux Warrick Fuller was not the first African-American sculptress–that would be Edmonia Lewis–but she became the most prominent. She was born in 1877 to a prominent Philadelphia family, her father a successful barber and her mother an equally successful beautician. Raised in relative financial comfort, and educated in the typical feminine graces of the time, Fuller’s career as an artist… Continue

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Safari - Entry 00 (private diary- TC access secured)

Things are finally starting to line up for the big safari to Africa. I'm going to accompany Jo - she should not be traveling alone, and Shan is too busy to help her. Sometimes I wonder about that guy.…

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First Blog and Ohayocon 2011

My birth name is Vincent, Count Emmett being a product of a curious little Steampunk Name Generator, and Logsdon being the name of an ancestor. I'm 25, and a 5th year senior at the University of Akron as an English Literature Major and Popular Literature and Film minor. I spent 7 years in the U.S. Army Guard, the last year as the Unit Public Affairs Representative, and saw one tour of duty. I'm a dedicated student of life, and hoping to make friends with other members of the Steampunk… Continue

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Call For Artists - The Gothic Show

Call for Artists

The Gothic Show

The Underground Gallery

January 21st to February 11th 2011

At the Art Center Of the Associated Artists of Butler County

Tagline, The Basics:

Call for Artists for an all media show showcasing Gothic themed art. This can be from Victorian to modern to Steampunk/Punk. The Underground Gallery is at the Art Center in Butler PA. Contact [email protected] for information. Deadline for entry is January 14th… Continue

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Attention! Consultants wanted! unNaturalists, psychics, etc.!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Having recently established myself in the private world of investigations, I find somewhat reduced in the number of resources as were available to me when serving on the force. I am occasionally in need of the professional advice from specialists in their fields during the course of my investigations and am searching for those who I may contact from time to time to assist me on with some detail or another.

Of particular interest to me are… Continue

Added by Inspector A. "H." Tuttle (Ret.) on November 27, 2010 at 7:00am — 8 Comments

Crazy Taylor has been reviewed!

I was just informed of a review of my novel, Crazy Taylor by the lovely Toni Sweeny.

This has to flavor of an old 1930’s movie plot, with brave adventurous pilots and braver women. It’s reminiscent of a

Saturday Morning movie serial, that keeps you asking, “And what happens



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Personal Journal Entry 2

It is with some saddness that I left my employment with the Armada. There simply wasn't enough for me to do. The other ships in the Armada drifted away to their own pursuits when the Commador dissapeared. He's not been seen or heard from in ages and though I know enough to know he isn't dead I also know that there is little point in having a Cook and Supply officer when there is no one to cook for. I shall henseforth be devoting my time to the bar since my Silver Mine runs itself with the…


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Ports of call. So far.

Below is the list of ports of call for the Isabella, the list is ever expanding so check back for updates!

Dickens on the Strand

December 4-5 in Galveston, TX


December 31-January 2, 2011 in Austin, TX

Clockwork Wonderland

January 22, 2011 in Dallas,…

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Hello Great Ones!

I have only just discovered Steampunk and would love to know more about the culture. I am impressed with the level of ingenuity in costumes. One young woman in a costume contest I judged at a Con made her top hat out of an oatmeal box and from that moment, I was hooked. I've been sewing costumes from Elizabethan portraiture for 22 years and am often asked to judge costume contests at cons as well as give several panels. I have 45 different panels I teach, including…


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Entry #136

Entry #136

Date Recorded: January 12, 2999

I fancy a good meditation.

We spend the night at the Van Helsing outpost,; we didn’t much want to fly back out in the freezing winds so soon. The beds were surprisingly comfy. Anyhow, in the morning Pendergast gathered up a few of his things and we disembarked from Kamchatcka. We’re cruising south with a favorable wind above… Continue

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In this clean world of class, imagination and hope I come. I've seen what this world looks like! Like a kid, I am instantly enthralled. "What a cool world. Such amazing people. I got to be thee!" So,…

In this clean world of class, imagination and hope I come. I've seen what this world looks like! Like a kid, I am instantly enthralled. "What a cool world. Such amazing people. I got to be thee!" So, I look further! Steampunk comes from a comic book? Maybe I shouldn't have been reading Legion of Super Heros, or Avengers because I missed something. Yes, even at 44 years young, my imagination ravenously… Continue

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