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Entry 4

Thankfully, since last week we've come along well. On arrival to the Spanish docks, we did run into a few snags with local law enforcement, but we've managed to avoid problems when Ronald had the crew dress as circus performers. Under that ruse, we made it to he seedy underside of the city where outlaws meet on a regular basis.

Had I known exactly what the cost of recruiting new members was, I would have stayed on the ship. But as it turns out, I now belong to one Vic Arkham for… Continue

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New on Sepiachord The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities

New on Sepiachord The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities
Holy cow, I review a book~ "The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities" Edited by Ann VanderMeer, Jeff VanderMeer

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The vintage book iPad case

Today's find is the BookBook, an iPad case that looks like a vintage book. It's neat looking and would made a great accessory for a neo-Victorian, but as a former librarian I find it a bit depressing that the company claims it will reduce the risk of your iPad being stolen, because no one would want to pick up a book.

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Blackheart Metals

I just got back from the West Coast Eisteddfod, a Welsh-American arts festival in LA, and Blackheart Metals had a booth there and along with many interesting things, they had this gorgeous little item that I had to share:…


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Why aren't there more good steampunk movies out there?

I've been wondering this for a while. Is it because the few Steampunkish films released have done really poorly, like the Wild Wild West, and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, or because Hollywood just hasn't caught on to how cool a well articulated Steampunk film could be?

Bloodrunsclear created this fake Weird West movie trailer by chopping up other films.…


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Custom clothing of a steampunk/goth/aristocrat nature

    Well, I finally got my mannequin and am starting to post some handmade clothing samples on Artfire.

    If you're looking for a custom Steampunk style jacket made to order, I have one here. It's got lacy sleeves and some cool metal fixtures in front. And of course it is 100% customizable, because seriously, who wants the embarrassing experience of showing up for an airship launching wearing the same…


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Harlequin Jones "ep." review on Sepiachord:

Harlequin Jones "ep." review on Sepiachord:

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My favorite parts of Steampunk Style

    Out of all the steamy goodness that exists in steampunk fashion, I've found that I tend to have a few favorite things that will make me pause to take a good look at them. What parts of steampunk fashion do you like the most?.


  1. Long skirts. Pretty basic here, they are feminine and flattering. The best part I think is that they can be worn in so many different ways by bustling them or layering them. You really can make your own look with a simple floor…

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Sepiachord Playlist for Week Ending Sept 25~

Sepiachord Playlist for Week Ending Sept 25~

Beehive Juggernauts: SS

Sad Bastard Book Club: Mr. Badgerface Would Like to Propose a Solution to Your Problem That Requires Him Eating One of Your Children. Are You Okay With the Terms of This Agreement? Excellent, Then… Continue

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Clara Engel "Secret Beasts" review on Sepiachord

Clara Engel "Secret Beasts" review on Sepiachord

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The airships rose again

As the century progressed, temperatures increased. Cities that had always endured uncomfortable summers became almost unbearably hot. Air conditioners ran night and day. When the supply of electricity was interrupted and air conditioners failed, people suffered stress and heat-related deaths occurred.

A great city of the empire attempted to find a technological solution to the problem. Greenhouse gases in the lower atmosphere trapped heat near the ground, so climate engineers reasoned… Continue

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"My Best" by The Sweet Trade is the Sepiachord Song of the Day

"My Best" by The Sweet Trade is the Sepiachord Song of the Day

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But where is the fuel for the Sheep Reducer?

The Professor, having created the devilish yet effective Rotary Sheep Reducer, has been quite pleased to see me using that contraption as free time allows. Which, lately, has not been quite as often as I would prefer. Possibly too much time between uses, I fear, as my main stash of wool has gone missing; buried deep in the bowels of Freegate Laboratories is my guess. And wool on the hoof, so to speak, does not reside nor graze at our quaint rural bungalow. So I am at a bit of a loss as to…


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DIY Goggles~

DIY Goggles~

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character bios 1: the clown.

name: Areiela creators

stage name: miss yo-yo c. pockets.

age: 20

gender: female

ethnicity: Caucasian

hair natural: brown

hair stage: orange

stage job: preformance clown.

back ground job: maintenance engineer

storyline placement: another world, with more fantasiful creatures and different geography.


description: areiela is the daughter of a wealthy engineer/inventor and copper mine owner (father) and a circus…


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steampunk linkblog, September 27 2011

A new edition of the Gatehouse Gazette is out, and it focuses on the world of the 1930s. Dieselpunk represent!





Also out is a new biography of H.G. Wells. He was quite the ladies' man,…


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Steampunk Tea Party Birthday

Lauren and I hosted our co-steampunk-birthday party on Saturday. It went much better than expected. Most of her friends showed up on time and all of my friends showed up later so we were never past capacity. I was worried about too many people showing up, but that turned out to not be a problem. Also, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that everyone made an effort to dress up. The men all had vests or period jackets and hats, and some people had put a serious honest effort into their…


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Quite the Quandary

Back again, I see, for my less than regular chatter. The quandary at the moment which presents itself: I have been given a choice of two posters for an as-yet-unannounced special event taking place in New Zealand next March. A special charity concert evening, you see-- not mine, thankfully-- and I have been asked by my associate (the real 'star' of the March festivities) which background I prefer, pink or chrome. As I despise pink, I so wanted to say 'chrome'....but the pink is actually more…


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Today's Ponderance...Injustice

"A kingdom founded on injustice never lasts."


4 BC – 65 AD

Added by Lady Beatrix Kittywick McCormick on September 26, 2011 at 5:30pm — No Comments

Time Travelers Ball

Anyone have pictures to post from the ball?  I didn't bring my camera and would love to see some!

Added by David Underwood-Sweet on September 26, 2011 at 2:19pm — 2 Comments

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